Arisaka Type 99 sporter?

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  1. My LGS has a sporterized "last ditch" Arisaka Type 99 (7mm Jap) in the rack, tagged at $50. I saw it when they first took it in and it was a dirty mess, but it cleaned up okay. Everything that's there works well. There are no Mums anywhere and it doesn't appear to retain anything that could canabalized for restoring another Arisaka. I'm a sucker for a cheap gun, but I don't know squat about Japanese firearms. So here it is: would you take a chance and spend fifty bucks on a non-restorable Arisaka?? Is ammo ridiculously high- or hard to find? Thanks
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    6.5 Jap ammunition can still be purchased. I'd offer them $35 for it and walk if they don't take it. I have heard (never could confirm 100%) that some of the last ditch 99's had issues with the bolt lockup and would sometimes blow the bolt open when fired. If it had the Mum and was original I'd buy it but not a hacked up 99. Just my thoughts..... :)


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    $50 for a functional bolt, barrel and action isn't bad. Assuming it is functional, of course.

    Ammo isn't cheap or easy to find, but it's out there. It is still 7.7 mm, right?

    But don't think of it as a collectible war relic Arisaka, think of it as a chance to have an oddball gun, with 20 rounds of ammo that gets reloaded once every three years, and it might be OK.:p
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  5. for me NO ,I have a few of them I only collect the 7.7, the ammo is very hard to find. I have been buying up ammo for 20years now I picked up dies and 1000 round's of brass the bullets are on back order 1/2 the time you can cut 30.06 brass down it will work, and 303 brit bullets works good think .311or .312

    some of the last ditch did have problems
  6. It would have gone home without hesitation.

    The only question would be the condition of the bore. The only chrome lined last ditch ones were the Korean made one. Japanese WW2 7.7 primers where more corrosive than other primers because they produce hydrochloric acid in addition to potassium chloride.

    Anyone who shoots 7.7 much reloads for them. I wouldn't spend any thing extra on it. There is no point in making a cheap gun and expensive gun.
  7. Thanks guys, you've given me some good things to consider before I make a move. :)
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    I like the Arisakas. I have the type 38, 6.5mm, a friend has the type 99, 7.7mm. The 7.7 is easier to for brass for and components are easier to get.

    I would not however fire a "last ditch" arisaka. They are known to have issues.
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    I THINK there might be a Swedish company making 6.5 ot 7.7 Jap. I make my 7.7 Jap from .30-06 brass. Trimm it down to OAL and fire form the brass. Good luck
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