Arizona sniper?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by lcback, Sep 10, 2015.

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    My money's on another Obama voter......

  2. I dont know anything about the area this is happening at. But if its like the Arizona i have heard about. this guy will need to be really far away for no one to see him prone in the desert.
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    I wouldn't say that Ic. I lived in Tucson, AZ for years and there are numerous places you could lay prone 50/100 ft from the road and pop off cars all day long. Minimal camo would be necessary. Lots of rock formations. Literally hundreds of miles of nothingness to disappear into afterwards.;)
  4. Like i said, I know nothing about being out west let alone arizona.

    From the story they said cars were being struck by a "projectile"
    my gut feeling was he started with a 22 rifle and shooting from 300yards out realized it wouldn't even penetrate the thin shell. So he moved to bigger things recently, but is still finding out how difficult it is to take those shots. I hope they catch him before he gets better or gets a bigger gun.
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    Phoenix is a large city, plenty of buildings that would provide cover.

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    Same here I lived in Scottsdale in the early 80's and plenty of hiding areas within 100 yards of a road or highway . Out here in the desert region of Socal near Barstow along I -15 there is many places to do the same . A favorite shooting area north of Barstow off of Hodge rd you're up on a ridge overlooking I-15 . A lot of long range shooters with 3388 Lapua magnum rifles using 6-24x50 scopes are hitting targets at over 2700 yards

    A couple YouTube vids show cars being viewed thru these scopes and are maybe 1k yards past the 2700 yard targets . If these travelers ever knew they were being viewed from a rifle over 2700 yards they would be freaking out