Armed and dangerous

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  1. sdbrit68

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    One of these is armed and dangerous, the other is a hi point c9........very very proud of my ole lady, her first time shooting this gun, second time shooting ever, and after 4 mags, was fairly consistent in hitting a 5 inch square area in the center.......and she is from a family that doesnt believe in guns.

    The only bad thing, the guy at the range showed her, I believe it was a S&W mp9, she liked the size, weight, and " cuteness" of it, now she wants her own gun

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  2. sdbrit68

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    oh, and for the record, at 48 years old, my ole ladys ballistics are still awesome, and when she is locked and loaded, she can put most 20 somethings to shame, at least in my eyes.

    Yeah, I kinda like her

  3. Hipointer

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    That's great! Always good to see a new shooter getting into the groove, especially females...them and kids/teen are the key to keeping the shooting sports strong! ;)
  4. rickm

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    Oh and be warned it wont stop with her just getting one it will be like shoes and purses there will be many more later on, but dont argue with her its one way for you to have more guns too lol
  5. sdbrit68

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    so true, I told her she is in charge of home protection, the best shooter gets the gun
  6. Hermitt

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    You broadcasted her AGE out onto the internet!!??!! :eek::eek::eek:

    You may be a walking dead man!..... :p
  7. Bull

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    And we've established she's a good shot.
  8. The only thing that keeps my wife from adopting my 995ts is her arms are too short for the length of pull. She went and claimed my 1911 though, and I "let" her shoot it whenever she wants. Pretty good shot with it too. And she "let's" me keep it in "my" holster on my side of the bed.
  9. sdbrit68

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    I can say its great having something we can both do together........personally, I am proud as hell she outshot me, but the best thing, getting a membership at the range was her idea so we could go more
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    Armed and dangerous is a funny movie.