Armed 'Militia' occupies federal land Oregon

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    Nice Work on the link, SwaggertZ :D

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    I'm learning...I'm learning...
    Wondering when the alphabet teams start rolling in....

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    Oregon Militia Takeover Federal Building

    I know the family declined help from the Oath Keepers. So they did stand down. Evidently these people don't care. What gets me is the men served out their sentence, then are ordered to do more time after release? I'm not getting the full story. One of Cliven Bundy's sons is involved here.

    Bundy's father told Oregon Public Broadcasting on Saturday night that he had nothing to do with the takeover of the building. Cliven Bundy said his son felt obligated to intervene on behalf of the Hammonds.

    "That's not exactly what I thought should happen, but I didn't know what to do," he said. "You know, if the Hammonds wouldn't stand, if the sheriff didn't stand, then, you know, the people had to do something. And I guess this is what they did decide to do. I wasn't in on that."

    Beth Anne Steele, an FBI spokeswoman in Portland, told the Associated Press that the agency was aware of the situation at the national wildlife refuge. She made no further comment.
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    Wonder if Congr H. Reid's son was trying to lease the land to some more chinese solar folks? ;)

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    Not sure if they get enough sun up there. (don't let that stop you!) Maybe in the Eastern Oregon desert? Sell the power to the Americans at a mandated artificially high price? Why not!
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    Aw....Crap! Burns, actually the Malheur wildlife refuge, is one of my usual "go to" places on my annual getaway on the motorcycle....and they've now gone and ruined it.

    So nothing in Nevada worthy of squatting on?

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    Hold Harry still, I'll take a dump on his head
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    I watched several videos from this "armed" protest and it looks like most people are armed with American flags. I saw no rifles and no shotguns. There were a couple guys with holstered pistols, which I guess is technically "armed", but it is also legal in 46 states. I did notice that CNN spliced in pictures and video clips from the Bundy ranch stand off. To me the only way this is an "armed protest" is if you look at it from far away and squint just right.
  10. Same here since I read that that OK decided to not be there.

    I'd like to exactly what that judge wrote as reason sending back to prison after the ranchers had served a sentence.
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    Originally they were sentenced to 5 years prison time each. Ok, if I am not mistaken, Federal Law requires you to serve a minimum of 80% of that sentence before you are eligible for parole.

    Appears some how the son got out in 6 months and father a year. How, I have no idea. This judge seems to question how they got released too soon.
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    Darn shame they weren't crack dealers who cause users to rob and kill for their habit, they would be pardoned by jug ears MOTUS.

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    Some history of the Hammond Family issue.

    They burned 127 acres of BLM land in a back burn that saved their house and winter grass for the cattle AND put out a lightning started wildfire.

    In a separate prescribed burn they burned a whopping ONE acre of BLM land. In neither case were any lives but their own endangered, and no federal resources were used because they put the fires out themselves.

    Read the rest f the story that covers some of the history of BLM terrorism in that area!
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    Think MSLSD, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, etc etc gonna tell the truth? Will bArry speak about this tomorrow? Probably not.

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    They are all sYrian moderate fully vetted peace loving muzzles
  19. Actually it looks like they 1st had a sentence of wasn't that long, but that is what the fed prosecutors wanted. Also the ranchers weren't allowed normal habeas corpus rights. They were tried as terrorists, of all things.

    Definitely a case of big government running wild. Give a government an inch and they'll take a mile when it comes to violating peoples civil rights.

    Seems the gov can't stop terrorists, so they use anti-terrorist laws to oppress the people. Guess that is easier to do.

    "However, judge Michael Robert Hogan determined sentences of that length "would shock the conscience" and violated the constitutional prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment, ordering the Hammonds imprisoned for sharply reduced terms of one year, which both men served."