Armi Tanfoglio Guiseppe GT27

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    Also known as the FIE Titan, after the gun control act of 68. As many of you well know.
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  2. The majority of the Titan .25 pistols came with alloy frames. The Achilles heel on these alloy framed Titan 25's is where the barrel is pinned to the frame; over time the stress can lead to elongation and/or cracks in the frame in that area. Unfortunately, repairs are next to impossible.

    If you run across a used Titan, the first thing you'll want to do is pull off the slide and check for cracks.

    Early EIG Titans were imported from Italy with steel frames and are the cream of the Titan 25 crop. Look for the EIG logo on the left side of the frame above the trigger guard. Since later EIG Titans had aluminum frames, it's best to double check with a magnet.


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    My son has one with steel frame. It has been a good solid shooter. I was with him when he bought it and I asked the clerk at pawn shop for a magnet to confirm the steel frame.
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    I had one of the alloy framed ones. New in the box. I liked it, but sadly I sold it. I had a beretta tip up 22 that I bought at the same time and sold that one too. I should've hung on to both of them.
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  5. BTW, you can carry one of these half-cocked with one in the chamber and be perfectly safe. Pulling the trigger will not release the hammer. You have to pull the hammer back to the full cock position and then pull the trigger to fire it.

    If I ever run across another metal framed EIG it is coming home with me.
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    I've noticed some basically unused sns types popping up on gunbroker intermittently, including Titans. That's how I got that Raven. You can never tell what the asking price might be though. Some sellers are shall we say, optimistic.
  7. That's being very polite... LOL
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    image.jpg image.jpg I’ve got a lovely one!
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  9. [​IMG]
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    Got this guy a while ago $100 store had gotten as part of estate,I got it for a damn good deal I say looks new, line on back of mag is from me and wipe awayable, haven’t shot yet, insides look as new as outsides. I never made it on bjja because photobucket went lame
  11. I think you did really well on that deal!
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    Yep you did well.
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    they are cheap knock offs of Berettas.... kind of. Very soft steel.... even the steel framed ones. Lots of small parts. All of mine have performed worse than ravens across the board. The first one I owned was given to me .... I shot and repaired that one until it fell apart. I was constantly smoothing out peening, mushrooming, deformation of whatever butter infused steel they used during manufacturing. I think the hammer,the safety, and the magazine catchwere the only parts that I didnt have to mess with or replace. Seems like every 200-300 rounds I had to fix something.

    Some of these were made with zamak slides as well. Run away from those like the plague if you value your face. The ones with steel slides will typically launch the slides forward after the barrel and slide rail get ripped of the frame. The ones with zamak slides will fracture mid way or towards the front and blow back and up. Kind of sucks.

    I have had both versions steel and zamak frame crack. I have also had both versions not crack. It all depends on the pistol and how well it is put together. One thing you can do to help is JB weld and pin it to the frame. The slide moving back on recoil is not the problem on cracking IMO. Its the slamming forward and lousy barrel fitting (looseness) that cracks the frame. I suspect this could be fixed with a stronger hammer spring and a weaker recoil spring. Next one I build I will play with it a little.

    Also something to consider is proper lubrication. The titan steel slides are not exactly well finished. Stoning the rails on the slide to remove sharp edges against the zamak frame rails will help save the frame. Unlike most SNS guns Titans actually have slide rails and these can wear badly against a rough steel slide. Once you get that smoothed out use grease... not oil on the rails....I Prefer TW25b lubricant (its expensive though) but white lithium will due in a pinch if its not cold outside. Like many aluminum type frames oil just doesnt adhere well and wear is accelerated. This goes for zamak as well. Most Zamak framed SNS guns its not a concern. When you have actual slide rails it can become an issue.

    The design of the titans is not a bad one. The materials are the issue. In the end you work with what you have. They are not the worst SNS guns but not the greatest either. Better steel... better spring rates.... better fitting etc. they could have been really fine pistols. Tanfoglio never really went for that market on the blowbacks though. The titan 32 and 380s (also beretta knock offs...kind of) also suffered from soft steel with cracking frames in the same way. Tanfoglio was kind of the LLama of the Italian gun manufacturers. Once you get into the tanfoglio CZ75 knockoffs the quality was a bit better.
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    Magnut and Adam in particular, and every one else in general, thank you both for your excellent and detailed information throughout the net on ROF wonder gats.

    Its helped me a lot last few years as information about many of these firearms is less then common knowledge even for people with a strong firearms background.

    Fairly recently I passed on a full zamark (frame and slide) because of your guys contributions. I dont mind cheap guns at all (hell I really like them) but pass when there are known safety issues that cant be mitigated. Wouldn't be able to tell the difference without you guys, so thanks again.

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