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From an email release by Buckeye Firearms Association.

More Good News! Concealed Knife Bill Signed into Law!

In all the excitement recently about the signing of Senate Bill 175, which abolished the duty to retreat in Ohio, there was also a knife bill (SB 140) waiting for a signature that didn't get as much attention.

The Governor signed SB 140 yesterday, Jan. 11.

SB 140 reforms Ohio knife law by making two important changes:

1. The ban on manufacture and sale of "switchblade," "spring blade" and "gravity" knives is repealed;

2. It clears up the vague and confusing Ohio law regarding carry of ANY knife by defining a knife, razor or cutting instrument as a "deadly weapon" or "weapon" ONLY if it is used as a weapon. This would allow carrying any knife concealed under state law.

The act will go into effect in 90 days.

We'll publish an article explaining the details of this new law soon.

Yours for Liberty,
Dean Rieck
Executive Director
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That’s similar to the Utah law. Good stuff. When you start shopping switch blades, check out BladeHQ. Being cheap, I like the Boker Plus knives. Not quite as good as German Bokers with Solingen steel, but still decent.

There is a constitutional carry bill coming through the pipeline now that the new governor is saying he will sign. :carrot:
All I want to know is, do I still need my permit to get free NICS checks?

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@ajole Don't you know, Criminals/Terrorists don't have to do NICS checks!!! Which is what the left is trying to label us!!!

Only legal law abiding gun owners have to jump through hoops. Eh, Legal and gun owner in same sentence...

Anyway, good on Ohio for passing that!!
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