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Discussion in 'Consumer Reviews' started by CulperRing, Oct 22, 2020.

  1. CulperRing

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    Has anyone else been told by Armlist that they need to upgrade their account to a "premium personal account"?

    I can no longer look at ads I have saved and can no longer manage the ads I have posted.
  2. CulperRing

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    I have not gotten an email yet, but on another site a letter from Armslist notes they are changing things up in an effort to deal with scammers and legal costs.

  3. Got the email this afternoon.
  4. rickm

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    We were just discuss this on another forum im on and from what i get is they are going to start charging people to use the site.
  5. Yep. Heard about it. Gist is... pay $5/mo to be able to contact sellers. Think to sell, ya gotta pay a lot more? The idea is that with credit card/debit card info, this keeps scammers and thieves from using Armslist... although... there are prepaid debit cards with zero verifications (unlike a bank card), so scammers would still be able to scam people :confused:
  6. undeRGRound

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    Do you mean submit a fake payment??
    Or sellers who never deliver?

    My Colt Python 6" sold and the buyer sent a check,
    took forever to clear. But it did. I got the money just
    in time... ;)
  7. Either way. Scammers who uses prepaid debit cards to pay for the monthly thing, then scam or steal money from buyers and sellers
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    I know for a very long time my automated searches never send me emails,