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    I am wondering if the military, Army in paticular, issued any type of storage solution for m16's such a bag, cover, or case of some sort. The reason being as I am building an AR that will be going to someone who was in the military, and wants a replica of his issued rifle. I thought it would be a nice touch to try and find any accessories, such as covers, cases, cleaning kits, and so forth that the army may have issued with the original weapon. I ahvent been in the military, and am too old to go now anyway, so i figured I would ask you guys here.
  2. It is usally a Unit specific type of deal.

    We are all issue cleaning kits that frankly are just enough to do the job.

    Most units will buy things like this but there are no issued standard for these items.

  3. Ours were shippedi n large containers designed for this, other then that to and from over seas we shipped them in our own cases. The thing is, so much equipment is purchased by the companies, squadrons, unit, whatever, that there is no "standard issue" per say.
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  5. My only knowledge of "issue" cases is the M1950 Weapons Case used to paratroopers during an airborne operation to protect the weapon during the jump and subsequent "lowering to the ground". But, like most items, soldiers don't keep them around.
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    To the best of my knowledge they were not individually cased unless a unit specified it like snipers, as everyone above says.

    I would go as far as saying he would like a violin case for it! Of course you can go the expensive route or ebay one. Just make sure it fits..
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    This is the type of thing we used for shipment. (M12)

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    What years was he in service? Was he combat arms or a remf? Given adequate information, we can probably make some specific suggestions as to issue cleaning kits, bandoleers, bayonet, correct LBE, et cetera.