Arrested for spaghetti-os

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    GAINESVILLE, GA — An innocent woman had several months of her life destroyed when she was arrested and charged with a felony because of a spaghetti-encrusted spoon found in her possession.

    Ashley Gabrielle Huff, 23, had no criminal history and insisted that “there’s no way in hell” that there could have been any drugs in her possession during a traffic stop in July. Nonetheless, a Gainesville police officer honed in on a spoon that was “on her or near her” in the vehicle in which she was riding as a passenger.

    Suspecting that the spoon had drug residue on it, the officer arrested Ms. Huff and charged her with possession of methamphetamines. Even for trace amounts, the charge of possessing “Schedule II substances” Georgia is punishable by 2-15 years in prison.

    After her July 2nd arrest, she spend an unconfirmed number of days in jail before she was released and required to attend a number of obligatory drug appointments. When she was unable to make all the appointments, she was rearrested and made to sit in jail from August 2nd until September 18th.

    Ms. Huff insisted that she wasn’t a drug user, but had little means with which to defend herself. She relied on a public defender to represent her in court.

    Finally in late September, a crime lab analysis revealed that the “residue” on the spoon was not an illegal drug. It was actually tomato sauce from a can of SpaghettiOs, as the woman had claimed all along.

    “I think what the unfortunate part about her case is that she was probably willing to take the felony to close out her case so that she get out of jail, even though she always maintained innocence,” public defender Chris van Rossem told the Gainesville Times.

    Once the crime lab failed to indicate any drug evidence, the county prosecutor dropped the charge against Ms. Huff. She spent at least 47 days in the Hall County Jail.
  2. Sue for damages. That's a lot of wasted time.

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    What a atrocious waste of time and money.
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    Oh the wonderful war on drugs strikes again.
  5. Bull

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    We can't stop illegal drugs flowing across the border from Mexico, or stop the illegals bringing it in... But we can bust the sh*t out of woman for a Sgetti-o spoon.... Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't there several chemicals that coulda been applied to that spoon to test it?...... I've seen em do it on the COPS TV show to baggies they've found on people..
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    In the 80's we had test kits for just about everything and that was in the Navy.
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    NE Utah
    Throw the book at her.

    Spaghettios are a crime against pasta.:mad:
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    So let me get this straight. Spaghettios contain methamphetamine? No wonder I couldn't stop eating the damn things as a kid.
  9. Cha Ching

    A good lawyer will make her a rich person...
  10. Her maiden name must have been Heisenberg.
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    The Founding Fathers went to war and overthrew a tyrannical government over a tax on soft drinks.
    Just saying.......................
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    Someone most definitely needs to lose their job over this. Every patrol vehicle I have even seen has drug testing packets in the trunk.
    Any Officer who arrests solely on how something looks is an untrained rookie.
    I've stopped people who had confectioners sugar in plastic baggies, had coriander seeds all over their floorboards, bottles of vanilla extract and more.
    If I went just by looks, they all would have gone to jail.

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    Sue the living daylights out of 'em! I can't believe she was SENTENCED without any evidence.
  14. Bull

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    The public defender outta be disbarred also...... I mean c'mon...... One question of, did you test the spoon for drug residue?.... No?.... Your honor all charges should be dropped.
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    It's kind of funny. We are saying sue...but who will pay? The citizens, in their taxes.

    So instead of paying lawyers to make it happen, and to fight it, let's just give her a paycheck every month, sorta like welfare. Think 5 years of paychecks is good enough?:confused:
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    First the LEO needs to be punished, suspended without pay for say a week or two for not running a field test and then be trained in how to test for drug residue. Second the DA needs to be punished, I feel debarment is more than adequate for this. A DA should know better and this type of mistake is not forgivable. Third the judge needs to be impeached and disbarred for sentencing before trial. As she had not been found guilty of any crime he/she imposed counseling/punishment before a finding of guilt.

    Some may think this is harsh, but I feel prosecutors and judges should be held to extremely high standards and when they screw up they should suffer at least as harsh a punishment as the victim.
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    I dunno. How much financial damage did the State do to her? It may be a lot more than just lost wages for the time of incarceration. She may have a financial "disability" which follows her professional career for the rest of her life.

    You think she could get a Secret or TS clearance with the Fed.? Maybe. They're usually pretty "fair" about non-conviction/wrongful-arrest. But only maybe and usually.

    Yes, the Taxpayers are ultimately on the hook. Which is one reason why lawsuits should, theoretically, encourage elected officials to ensure that unqualified personnel do not hold jobs (unless, of course, Eric Holder is forcing you to use unqualified personnel).

    Peace favor your sword,
  18. The LEO needs to be incarcerated for the same amount of time as the victim.
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    I'll agree to that but I want the DA and Judge in there with him.