ARs and AKs in Kalifornia?!?!?

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  1. CA forbids guns based upon names and style of gun and types of evil features they have.

    You can have a detachable magazine provided you do not have certain features and so on.

    The link explains it.

    Its the only way you can have your cake and eat it while living in that state.

  2. right, I read the article on the website. It just surprised me a bit.
    It's a shame that the decent gun owners in the PRK have to go through all that nonsense to begin with.
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    kali laws make for some of the most wacked out firearms ive ever seen. The pump action AK is about the worst.

  4. The first to AR's on the linked page are about the fugliest poodle shooters I have ever seen. Than God I do not live in the Peoples Republic of Kalifornia!!!
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    New York is getting just as bad. Who can we blame for this, Oh I don't know "Liberal Democrats". The church lady would have said Satan (there are a few that knows what this is) You can't have a compensator on a AR unless it is pre-ban. Same with functioning telescopic stocks. No bayo lugs. When was the last time you heard a criminal Bayoneted someone. Oh, I forgot to mention that Carolyn McCarthy represents my state. There is also no more hi-cap mags allowed with new pistol purchases. Only LE can have them. My point is that legal gunowners are not the ones committing crimes. Why should we have to suffer. Criminals will always find a way to get what they want because they are criminals.
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    I was stationed there in S.D for 3 years. I couldnt live there now that I am out of the service. Hell they think my Bullmastiff is a dangerous animal. Has anyone here been drooled to death by a bullmastiff?

    Thats why I love Ohio.