Article: Trouble in Packs

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    Don't make assumptions. Things don't "stay the same." Criminal tactics evolve and so should your training. Knowledge is power. :)


    Fear & Loading: Trouble in Packs
    by Guy Sagi - Friday, March 4, 2016

    The increase in criminal “strike team” size signals it’s time lawful citizens take a close look at their home-defense gun’s magazine capacity. Some politicians claim a double-barreled shotgun is enough, but I’ll let you decide.

    In Illinois, a trio beat a 71-year-old man to death (only two of the alleged perpetrators are currently charged). This threesome likes to beat fathers in front of his kids. An undisclosed number beat an 80-year-old couple so bad it required hospital care. A gun-toting Florida duo kidnapped a 2-month-old baby. In Ohio, a pair of invaders used a hammer on residents.

    A trio in North Carolina gained entry with pepper spray and tire irons and it was a foursome in another part of the state. Four in Alaska used bats to beat a resident and in Pittsburgh, it’s not nails on the receiving end of that pounding. In Illinois, multiple-sized groups are on the prowl. Here’s four more in Vegas.

    It happens all times of the day and no one is immune. If criminals will invade a mixed martial artist’s home (in New Mexico), fatally stabbing one person, then it’s obvious they don’t rule out a victim because there’s a chance of getting a good “whuppin’.” Sometimes they simply pose as utility workers, like this pair in the Bronx. And they can be so organized that they carry notebooks detailing their next targets.

    There are plenty of warnings about Internet exposure, but this case proves males need to heed the warnings, too. Sexual assaults in invasions are too common, and once again, men can be the target.

    The recent stories are ugly reminders that we’re the first line of defense when it comes to personal security. Check ID or call companies before workers are allowed entry. Don’t open the door if a stranger is knocking and claims to need help. Call 9-1-1—if it really is an emergency, they need to respond, anyway. Social media is diseased with criminals. And, should the unthinkable happen and you’re bunkered down until authorities arrive, the assumption that it’s only one violent criminal in your home could be fatal. It can be two, three, four, maybe more. Add big perps, or those on drugs, who take several shots to stop and, maybe it’s time to think take serious inventory of your home-defense gun’s capacity or at least keep a spare magazine nearby.

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    "Some politicians claim a double-barreled shotgun is enough, but I’ll let you decide"

    But that was J. Biden, and he's an idiot. Besides, he fired both barrels up into the air, so it's a moot point :rolleyes:

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    And that's why I answer the door with one hand behind my back (which of course has my pistol ready to go) and a couple of hidden weapons close by.

    After all, just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't out to get you!