As if anyone needed proof that our media is controlled:

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    Can you believe this?

    So, I did a Google search for our forum so I could log in and check out the boards in between college classes, and I happened across something interesting. Check out this URL:

    This article is in a Cleveland, Ohio, periodical that, I believe, is posted online in addition to being put out in print. It is discussing (in what I believe to be a negative bias) the criminal use of Hi-Point firearms. It appears that in their home state of Ohio Hi-Point guns are despised by the press (or, at least, this periodical). The bigger joke is that the web page won't let you see the whole story unless you register your personal information with them.

    In my opinion, this is a complete joke. If you have the time, weigh in on this. I think it has some bearing on just how the media can control popular consensus about a particular idea or concept. Scary...



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    Just because a website wants your "personal info" to read their content doesn't mean it's a mass conspriacy to control the media. They're a buisness, and any info they can gather on their readers will allow them to target the market for THEIR needs. Companies are in it to make money, and nothing is free, especially information.

    As far as the Hi-Point bias, yes it blows.

    I'll end it there.

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    As my old sig used to say "the media are only as liberal as the conservative businesses that own them".
  4. And I quote from page 2:

    On Internet gun forums featuring Hi-Points, many gun enthusiasts say they are the best guns they've ever fired.

    Uh, guys, we're being watched....
  5. I agree with NEO. It's all about getting info to market junk mail to you. They take a big manufacturer in their state, and they trash it. naturally this polarizes people on both sides. Hi-Point fans might give up their personal info just to see what mess they are saying, and fans will do it to cheer them on.

    Same theory holds with TV talk shows and auto racing (of which I am afan by the way). People are drawn to drama, whether in video or in print.
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    Define most??? Hmmmm, let's see 310 out of 7000 = most!!

    The following is quoted from the article by, 1-800-683-7348

    " The weapons used most often in crimes in Cleveland and New York City are stubby pistols made in Mansfield. They're Hi-Point Firearms. "

    " Last year, New York City police seized 310 Hi-Point 9 mm guns used in crimes - the most in the city, authorities said. Overall, officers there grabbed more than 7,000 crime guns."
  7. I like this quote personally...

    James Hamby, a 37-year firearms examiner from Indianapolis, said the Hi-Point "can do just the same as a $1,000 Sig Sauer," an elite weapon. "I drive a Ford. It's not a Lexus, but it gets me from point A to point B." Hamby owns a few Hi-Points.

    That's about the damn truth if I've ever seen it.
  8. It's the same old anti-gun/pro-gun argument. They're saying guns are evil, and, in particular, Hi-Points are evil because they're cheap and reliable (of course, criminals like them - most common sense people like them because they're cheap and they're reliable. That's a no-brainer). Where that one lady was getting a "50-50" chance of it jamming on the second round, I don't know. That statement just tells me that she doesn't own one.

    Anyway, I don't see the controlled media angle. There are a lot of bias opinions and articles out there, and this is just one of the many. This one may lean to the left, but there are a few out there that lean to the right too.

    We could talk about a lot of things in this article, though... like, how does Hi-Point get sued because of a gang shooting? How do criminals acquire guns anyway? etc., etc. One of my favorite parts was when they mentioned us. I don't think of it like we're being "spied on." Everyone has access to this site, so, of course anyone can read what we say. But, I just like that we're being mentioned :) and will not be overlooked in our role to support Hi-Point.
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    Just to clarify:

    Neo wrote:

    "Just because a website wants your "personal info" to read their content doesn't mean it's a mass conspriacy to control the media. They're a buisness, and any info they can gather on their readers will allow them to target the market for THEIR needs. Companies are in it to make money, and nothing is free, especially information."

    When I mentioned that the "bigger joke" was that the magazine wanted info from the reader to be able to get the whole story, I wasn't inferring that they were part of a massive conspiracy. I was actually referring to the fact that this singular instance of "personal data collection" was a joke on the part of this singular business. In my opinion, if a newspaper or magazine is going to put up stories online for anyone to start reading WITHOUT having to sign anything or pay a fee, than they need to let those same people who are reading their free article finish reading it WITHOUT expecting their readers to fork over the information just so they can get an e-mail and bombard you with junk ads. I just think it would be good business practice if they DIDN'T do this, that's all. As for the mass conspiracy thing, that's another tale we could tell--but I won' least, not right now... :wink:


    Catcha later!

    Jag 8)
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    well business men are not necessarily conservative, or even capitalists. I am sure that nearly every business man would love to see themselves get a nice government monopoly. Not very capitalist or conservative, just self interested. it is like this quote

    "The problem with communism is communism; the problem with capitalism is capitalists."

    And as for the media not being left leaning? I feel at least that there is a left slant but that could just be the personalities of the people who go into that line of work. Just like Social workers tend to be more liberal and hold quite a few Marxist views. It is just the nature of the work that it draws certain people. Teachers too.
  11. Re: Just to clarify:

    I checked it out all they want is your zip code, year you were born and if your a male or female
  12. It seems like Liberals are always trying to point their finger at the gun companies and sometimes they sue and win, I have no clue how but they do its not like the gun companies are saying hey go commit a crime with our guns. I guess they better start suing car manufactures, etc. Because people get killed with those too.
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    Not ALL Liberals. Just the Anti-Gun ones. And that number, believe it or not, is only about half. It's just that those who are adament about curtailing our rights are the most noisy because they're usually comprised of upper middle class midwestern housewives or socially detached .com yuppies turned "eco Hippy" who have the money and the time to make the most noise.

    There are QUITE a few Liberals (even many of notable political and social fame) who are pro gun as well, but they know better than to combat zealots. They just make them look like idiots when they claim something that is flat out wrong or a lie.
  14. I actually know 1 or 2 pro-gun "liberals".

    I'm not sure the language "liberal" and "conservative" mesh with "pro-gun and "anti-gun". For example, my dad is more on the far right politically. I on the other hand am just a hair to left of center politically... not quite enough to be called "liberal" but certainly not fitting the "conservative" label either. We are both pro-gun.

    I know a few political conservatives who are staunchly anti-gun.

    But I agree its useless to combat zealots (either on the far right or far left). It's a waste of energy. Generally they will crash due to their own inertia.