As new Leapers dot-scope for sale/trade

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  1. I'm looking to either sell or trade the items listed below. For trade, I'm looking for a Hi-Point 995 carbine, with the difference made up in cash (yeah, right, like you obsessives are gonna let one go!) or I'm looking for a long-eye relief telescopic sight, 4~6x power.

    Items for sale/trade:

    Leapers Swatforce Red/Green dot scope w. rings, lens covers and original box. Turns out my eyesight is aging even more poorly than the rest of me and I can't use any scope that requires both eyes to justify an image. I've had it about two weeks and it's not been shot yet, only mounted to my SKS. The dot can be adjusted from a crisp point to a -bright- bead in either red or green. Adjustments are crisp with nice definite clicks. I had heard good things about this scope (which is why I bought it) but if I try and use both eyes I get a very disorienting double dot/skewed effect which has been getting worse the last ten years or so.




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  2. BEs-C9

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    whats the eye relief on that scope?

  3. It's a red dot, so the eye relief is as far back as you can see the dot.
  4. BEs-C9

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    what kind of mounts does it have? if you have pics of them...that would be great.
  5. Now with more cowbell!


    Those are the mounts it came with, which fit the Tapco Picatinny rails and the "Weaver" rails on my cheapo gas tube mount.
  6. gotta say props on the flash hider. I LOVE mine.
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    NC, I'm interested in that scope, I'd like to work a trade for it, I'm sending a PM.
  8. intrested in scope I have 2 for sale one is a BSA sweet 17 it is for a 17hmr and then i also have another 3-9 x 40 that is brand new (i have not even installed it yet) I would be willing to work out somthing for the green dot scoppe of yours if you would like
  9. Trade wise I am only interested in a long-eye relief scope or cash, sorry.
  10. is long eye relief like what is used for glasses if it is then thats what the 3-9x40 is if not how much and can i send you a check?
  11. No, long eye relief is where the distance between the eye and the scope is longer than the usual 3-5", like pistol scopes. So if this is a regular 3-9x40 rifle scope, it's not what I'm looking for.

    The price is $30+shipping (standard shipping is going to be $6, more if you want express or insurance) and I only take USPS money orders or Paypal, sorry.