"Assault" Hi Point 995 Carbine 9mm

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    SOLD SOLD SOLD FOR 450$$$$
    Listing Details:

    Up for sale is an Hi-Point 9mm Assault Rifle with many extras. Buy it while you CAN ;). This rifle has been modified with an ATI stock for better handling and faster more positive magazine changes. The rifle has an upgraded trigger and carrier bolt handle and picatinny rail fitted. All of these upgrades assist in the quick operation of the weapon and greatly improve the feel while firing. This was a 120.00 upgrade. In addition the rifle has a Red-dot sight fitted to aid in quick target acquisition and Magpul BUIS (Back up Iron Sights) which co-wintness the red dot system in case of failure. Both systems are excellent and have an proven track record for reliability and have served me well in several 3-gun matches. Total investment in the sights, 150.00. The carbine also comes with 4 magazines valued at 20.00 each.


    Payment will only be accepted via Pay-pal or credit card or cash in person. I cannot wait several weeks for any Money Order to clear. One can never be to sure how long weapons like this will be allowed to be sold. ;)

    Firearm shipment to FFL holders only. I will ship any legal gun to California. Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii will cost additional shipping. $35.00 extra, FFL information can be emailed to [email protected]. Please email or message any further questions. I can sell face to face anywhere in Lexington or the surrounding areas.

    Asking 400 OBO





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  2. "One can never be to sure how long weapons like this will be allowed to be sold."
    poss the next 50 years it's a 9mm with 10rnd mag not like its a 308 bushmaster

  3. Unless you added a hidden select fire feature than that is NOT an assault rifle.
  4. Do you have the original stock as well?
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    No, I don't have the original stock. This is not an NFA weapon, and it is an assault weapon according to the media. Its an EBR :) (Evil Black Rifle)
  6. The media is a gaggle of incompetent dolts, and that is not an assault rifle.
  7. I thought this thread was a joke. Especially since he called it an "Assault Weapon"
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    No, not a joke. I just changed the entire Hipoint 995 market :) laughing all the way to the bank
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    So, in order for you to sell a 995 at a highly inflated price to some uneducated scared gun buyer, you promote and advertise the 995 as an 'assault weapon'; thereby giving every anti-gunner ammunition to get it classified as such by the anti-gun politicians?? Now the rest of the gun owning community has to fight to save theirs because some greedy owner tossed them, and the 995, under the bus to make a few dollars.

    Bright.... real frickin bright.....

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    Your a Moron.....now you can leave.
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    i've never been a big fan of that stock but for some reason it really looks good on that gun. maybe it's because it's a 'horribly frightening assault weapon that can mow down an entire school district in minutes'!!
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    PT was right.. There's one born every minuet... Unfortunately, we are going to be seeing a great deal more of this in the weeks and months to come... Currently in my area.. AR's are being listed at $300 to $600 MORE then they were a few weeks ago... DPMS Sporticals for $1000.... Bushmasters for $1500.... Home builds that at most would have run $650 being listed $1200... People will pay...
  13. It's not just the gun prices, I just saw a classified ad the guy is "willing to let go of 500 rounds of Tula 223 for $350.00"
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    That is why I sold mine. I think I'll buy another higher capacity PCC with the money. The market is ready at the moment, its a great time to sell a gun. If the market will bear twice what I paid for the 995 when I bought it then that is what it is worth. BTW Delmar...you might want to update your sig...I think your carbine is now worth more than 200 ;)
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    $200 is still what I paid!:D
  17. I stopped after reading "assault" rifle, but then snagged, "several weeks for a money order to clear," and started laughing. Money orders can be taken to any bank or post office and cashed, they are paid for in cash at the post office by the sender, they are not checks. Whoever paid $450 for this should get a refund.
  18. He did call it an assault rifle