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Ok, Im not positive that this goes in this section so my apologies to the mods right off the bat. I was at a the gun show in Orlando bout 2 weeks ago and I picked up a cool t-shirt and a sticker. I dont know if any of you have heard of the "Salt Life" company. They sell clothes and hats and stickers. It pretty popular here in Florida, my wife loves it. Well, at the show I found this guy who started a company called "Assault Life". It's pretty cool stuff. It's something I thought people on here would enjoy. He had hat and stickers as well as several styles of t's at the show. I think the website only has t's on it but he seemed like just a small operation so I'm sure if you e-mailed him he might make those availible as well.

The website is www.assaultlife.net I talked to him for a while. He seemed really nice. He gave me a code to get gunshow pricing, which is a couple dollars off I think. If anyone orders anything they cand type in Freedom and it should give it to you.

If any are thinking this is my company its not. I just thought it is cool product and I like to help small local businesses.
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