assualt weapons ban

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    Greetings all:
    I just thought I would take a moment and attach a copy of a website that has the list of guns involved in the AWB that was introduced in the House on Feb 2007. Included in the banned weapons are the Hi-point Carbines. See section 3 under definations. What does this mean.......get your guns before the democrats get in the oval office again OR wait at least another 10 years! Also a shout out to your congressman/senator might be in order.
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    I posted the same thing in the free fire zone last night ;)

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    sorry for the repost!
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    That bill was a rewrite of the 94 AWB, and was tabled without a vote earlier this year. Half of whats listed is no longer either manufactured or imported.True definition of DC Politics. Poli from the latin meaning "many"and "tics" blood sucking insects!
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    somethign similar was posted on the old site. is this still that crazy lady's bill? the one that didn't know what a barrel shroud was and thought it was dangerous?
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    Well, according to McCarthy, the barrel shroud is "the shoulder thing that goes up" so they have no freakin clue just what they are trying to ban...
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    yeah I signed it and wrote my reps in DC when we posted it on the old site. good posting on the link again though!

    Mcarthy yeah that's the chick. Crazy old bat, that one....kinda puts a new spin on the term McCarthyism eh? LOL

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    YUP Golly gee wiz I got me an assualt weapon with my trusty 4095.
    LOOK OUT everyone I'm a wild and crazy guy I just might convert it to full auto shoot all 10 trounds in a second :wink:
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    A good diagram...

  10. The M1 Carbine? Seriously?