Astra A-100, any knowledge?

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  1. I saw a gun that really intrigued me today at the fun show.

    It was a compact metal framed hammer-fired double-stack D/A-S/A 45 like I wanted but with a cheap price. Its an Astra A-100.

    I know the company is out of business but I would like to grab it if its considered to be a decent pistol. The seller wanted 350 for the gun, I wonder if I could bargain it down to even less.

    Any knowledge on it?

  2. Silicon Wolverine

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    A little too SIG-ish looking for my tastes but overall a good gun. Can be hard to find parts and mags for. If you can deal him down to 300 id say grab it. Alot of people rip on astra guns as cheap looking but the few ive handled were on par with most S&W or taurus guns.


  3. I was highly impressed with the way it looked and felt. I love my Sig which is why I was drawn to it, since it was so sig looking.\
  4. freedom

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    Yah. I know I own two of the 9mm A-100s and will buy all that I run by. That I have been looking for the one you found for years and have only found one and the JA that has it wants 550.00 for it and that is a rip off. They are great guns but not worth 550.00.

    Both of my A100 are my favorite guns. I have many that cost far more than what I paid for the two Astras, but they are by and far the two best hand guns I own. If you have the chance to go back and get it I recommend you do.
    The second 9mm A100 I bought was 275.00 what with the one you are looking at being a 45, 325 to 350 is probably a fair price.

    Like I said they are good guns, but 550.00? no. 325 to 350 I would pay with out a second thought.
  5. freedom

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    The A-100 was modeled after one of the Sigs. Either the P220 or the P226, maybe the P229. I for get. But which ever one it was you will notice that Astra did a GREAT job at cloning the gun and that the only big change is the take down lever was moved from the left side on the Sig to the right side on the Astra. As for comparing the Astra A-100 to a Taurus, you should be ashamed of your self. The Astra A-100 is a far better gun than Taurus would ever think about manufacturing. And one that S&W would be proud to say they made, seeing how they are having such problems getting the Pistol production in to a good quality zone. S&Ws Revolvers are still top of the line and worth the money you pay but they are having issues with the autos even to this day.
  6. I had a chance to test fire a couple Astra 9mm's a few years back after doing some work on them for the owners. Great guns but slightly hard to find these days in my area. Never had a one on one with the .45's but the $350 seems like a fair price.
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    I have an Astra .380 that was left to me by my father. He worked at a gun store and picked it up used who knows how long ago. I have had it for 6 years now and it still goes bang every time I want it to do so. It does like to be kept clean, or it has a problem with fte's. I havent really looked into if there is a mechanical problem that is also causing the fte's as I do not fire the pistol that often. It wouldnt be my first choice in pistols by any means, but I do like the one I have and would pick up another if the deal was right.
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    I owned an Astra A-90 in 45acp. It is a very good copy of a Sig. For a bedside firearm it will suffice just fine. I shot 500-600 rounds through mine then I traded it in for a brand new P220. Parts were a problem to get for it. The right plastic grip cracked in my hand one day at the range and I had to order a set from Vintage gun grips. I had approximately 15 malfunctions in 500-600 rounds. On the plus side this weapon held 9+1. For a $200.00 gun to beat up it is worth the money. However it does not even come close to my 220.