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    As the deer and hogs decided not to show up today the entire extend family (on my wife's side) decided that shooting up stuff would be an acceptable way to pass the time.

    I had taken both my HP's (4595 and JHP) along with the Tactical Bunny Blaster, CZ and the 06 (which is devastating on moles).

    The winner of the "I have to shoot that" was the 4595. Both of my wife's cousins fell in love with it. Bill the retired FF wanted to know where to buy one after the first mag. He managed to put 54 rounds down range with it and the biggest SEG I had seen in a long time. The other cousin thought all HPs were sh!t. He changed his mind after using the 4595. I also got him to agree that the JHP is a good 45 for the money.

    My niece shot everything and really liked the JHP, so I know what to get her on her 18th birthday now. (In Texas they can own a pistol but can buy them, go figure) She also out shot her father with both.:D She also tried to sneak off with the Tactical Bunny Blaster.
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    Sounds like y'all had a blast! (pun intended....) ;)

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    Sounds like a great time. That's how I usually spend the 4th.
  4. My 995 has converted more than a few people. In the summer we have big cookouts about once a month, and invite everybody we know. Always happens, at some point in the day people start migrating down to our makeshift range behind the barn. Most of the Women i work with at the Hospital are anti-gun. But fun to watch them...If you can convince them to shoot the 995 just once....after one mag....It's like they dont want to give it back, or let anybody else take a turn....Then they have lots of questions, "is this legal", "where can i buy one" etc....Then the best part...a few days before the next cookout, these same "anti-gun" ladies are asking me "where's a good place to buy 9mm ammo"........:D.
  5. planosteve

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    Bill, my cousin-in-law, did not want to give it back either. He really liked the low recoil and accuracy. I like showing people that you can get a good firearm for a good price. I even got my sister-in-law to shoot the Tactical Bunny Blaster at some cans and she really enjoyed it.
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    OK, Figured out that the TBB is a 995, (right?:confused: )

    But what is SEG?

    I was thinking of selling my 995 but it's prolly not leaving... not now at least! :D
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    SEG = Sh!t Eating Grin
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    Oh the Tactical Bunny Blaster is a Ruger 10/22 SS tactical with an ATI folding adjustable stock and a red dot sight with a bunch of BX-25 mags and light. One of these day I might even put a laser on it just for fun. I built it up just because I could and it is the perfect mall ninja 22.:D
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    Do you have to keep saying that? :(

    I think that is federal, same here and I thought I heard that in another state. Which explains the stupidity:rolleyes:
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    yes the own @ 18 but cant purchase from a FFL til 21 is federal, use to be 21 to buy pistol ammo too but not sure how that works now since i have surpassed the 21 mark several years back and havent kept up with it.
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    Of course, I actually got a big laugh when Bill was describing the ninja kitty hunting technique. I am done with the reference for now.
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    Nah, I just saw it and felt like keeping it going.
    The real enemy is Ninja-KatZ :D

    Must be nice to have a Bug-Out Farm!
    We're pretty much in a good Bug-IN, imo...
    most likely won't have to bug Out.
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    Only problem is it is 160 miles away, I do have several alternate routes to get there if needed. I wish it was mine or at least a small part of it. I would build a small cabin so I can at least have a decent mattress to sleep on.
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    LOL. Funny how anti-gun people get over themselves, and their fear, once they do a little shooting. When are people ever going to understand that the gun is not the weapon, its the always has been. Everything else is just an accessory. Glad you liberated a few drones. :)
  15. It's been interesting.....Then when you explain to them that "gun control laws" have nothing to do with "guns", it's all about "control" can see the light bulb go on.....It's already illegal to shoot/kill people....has been for a long time...You cant shoot people with ANY kind of gun...that has ANY mag capacity...Making those type laws redundant, and irrelevant ....Its all about "CONTROL......And provides a platform for the libtards to push their real agenda
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    This thread is really becoming a good one!

    Thanks Plano, (our host)
    RN-Cindy and HiPointer!
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    RN-Cindy has very valid points, most people that are not "gun people" only know what the media and college professors spew at them. When I was going back to school at the young age of 53 I took several of the youngster to the range and let them shoot 22's. The RSO's and everyone else were great and the kids learned that a gun is not a magic wand. They learned it takes practice to get good and requires responsibility to use one safely. I converted at least two to owners and several to the people should be allowed guns camp. The funny part is the two converts were both female.
  18. planosteve

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    If you look at most laws today they are not about making the world a safer place, they are about control. The EPA is terrible about violating property rights over piddly little things that do nothing to improve the environment.
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    The EPA is turning into the Gestapo. :mad:
  20. "If i was in charge".....:D. I would De-Fund all duplicate Fed Govt programs..Every State has it's own EPA, DOT, OSHA, Etc...And each has hundreds of programs that overlap it's Federal twin. Wasting over 300 Billion a year..

    Examples for last year......

    * 18 overlapping programs waste 2.5 Bil a year on food assistance programs

    * 10 different Federal agencies operate 82 programs devoted to education equallity (whatever that means)

    * 23 agencies spent 15 Billion on over 600 separate renewable energy programs

    *10 Govt agencies spent 16 Billion on 76 separate drug abuse prevention programs

    * Dept of Defense paid over 100 Million to 159 separate contractors for foreign language support to the Pentagon

    * The list goes on, and on, and on........Our Fed Govt has become so BIG, and BLOATED. I dont see how we can stop it from collapsing under it's own weight......