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….Looking for a KelTec P17. Still none to be found. All the talk about the 5.7 has sparked my interest. The LC Carbine can be ordered for $739. But I am thinking about the 22 TCM chambered 1911, none available.

She did tell me that she still had the RIA 1911 Standard GI model she had ordered for a gent almost 2 years ago. She had talked to him finally and he was no longer interested. I could not turn it down for less than $400. While I was at it, the M206 revolver was available, I ordered one of them too. Some of you remember that intraded amm my RIA pistols to help fund some Ruger’s. I really like my Rugers, but almost immediately regretted trading my RIA pistols. I bought a ROCK series a year or so ago, then the M200, and shortly thereafter I got the XT22 Magnum. Pretty happy, got my GI Standard M200 and M206 back, plus I added a Rock series and a XTbseries. I still take the Ruger’s out and rub on them from time to time, (SR 1911 and a couple of SP101’s) but the RIA’s seem to be getting all the range time!

But wait, there’s more! Guess what else Rock Island Armory has? A new Baby Rock 10 shot 45 acp.
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‘And they have a replacement for the nickel 38 Super I used to have.
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Revolver

It’s not a shiny nickel like their 38 Super, but that brushed nickel sure looks good with those pearl grips!. The price is above my comfort zone though, I can buy another SR1911 cheaper, but I do believe when the BBR 45 acp becomes available, it will join the stable.

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Okay, Handgun Hero has the BBR 3.10 available for comparisons.

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The picture of the G30 is actually shown with the 9-round flush-fit magazine. The 10-rounder would add even a bit more height.

There was no picture of the two from the back for comparison, but the table shows the width of the BBR 3.10 being about .1" wider. I wouldn't pay much heed to that, though, because it is measuring it at the width of the safety lever--based on how they measure the P938.

The lengths are pretty close, but the important thing to note is that the Glock's slide is longer and wider than that of the BBR 3.10.

When I compared my P938 to my P365, the same factors applied regarding comparative width and length. A striker-fired pistols slide will be chunkier than the slide of a 1911-pattern pistol because it has to contain the striker mechanism and allow room for it to travel.

What this means is that the 1911-pattern pistol will print less than the similarly-sized striker pistol.

That BBR 3.10 would be another great concealment piece to add to the stable.

Get it, Greg, because I'm not allowed to buy any new guns for a while, and if you buy it, I can vicariously enjoy it!
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