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    Was at the range with a friend today. He's not a gun snob but has some pretty nice pieces. Between us we had lots to shoot, pistols, revolvers, rifles, black powder so spent quite a bit of time there. The interesting part though was when I took out my C9, set up targets at 10 yards and shot a 5 shot group with 1 dead center in bullseye, one touching edge of bullseye, 2 in first ring outside of bulleye and one mainly in second ring but touching outer line into next ring.

    My friends eyes kind of went up and he pulled out a Taurus millennium 9 mm and his first 5 shots covered about 5 inches of the target with none near the bullseye.

    He shot a few more then pulled out an almost new (told me it had about 100 rounds through it) Kahr 45 acp and shot similar groups to his Taurus, and the last round hold open on it never worked. I meanwhile stayed with the C9 and kept shooting at the same target. After about 7 or 8 magazines (including 2 full mags shot at high speed the center was just about shot out and all holes were within about a 4 inch circle. His target looked like it had measles with holes from top to bottom and left to right.

    New targets put up and I shot another 5 shot group all on and around the bullseye. I then gave him my C9 for a 5 shot group, his looked just about as good as mine! I shot 2 five round groups through his Kahr and had similar results to his, Obviously was the gun, not the shooter, the C9 made me proud today!
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    Gotta love it!

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    Pictures boss! We need pictures!!! :D
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    :welcome: to HPFF!

    Good Shooting! I predict your friend will get at least 1 HP... ;)
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    Sorry no pictures. Threw them out at the range, didn't even think about posting it until I got home.