ATF director resigns

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  1. The people have gained another victory over the want to be oppressers. Wonder if the leftists are starting to think that they bit off more than they can chew when they tried to disarm the people in
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    Don't claim a victory too soon.
    I don't see how 'the people forced him'
  5. I was excited to see he resigned. But then I realized Obama will probably appoint some moron. And it will be same sh*t different day.

    I cannot ever hearing about the atf director being voted or appointed.
    So what is it?
    Congress appointed?
    Next guy in line?
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  7. I would love for them to come up with some new supressor guidelines. As would most everyone. :-/
    I'll take that over sbr stocks anyday
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    Obama appoints Congress confirms.

    The second in command at the atf takes over as acting dirrector until they find a feplacement.

    With the supreme court ruling that federal agencies no longer have to take comments and pretty much can do whatever they want is it possible that he was told to resign so they could put someone in there that they know has the balls to outright ban it?

    Better the devil you know than the devil you don't
  9. Letter, email, calls from the people to the ATF, Senators and Congressman is what forced him too.
  10. One always has to punish those in the government who do things of this nature.

    There is no legal grounds to ban it and people know it. They won't be trying this stunt again.
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    It sounds like the acting director won't be any better than the guy leaving. Only time will tell what comes of This. Hopefully, the voice of The People will prevail as this unfolds.
  13. That won't effect regulation of bullets. It is only for interpretative rules and not rules that attempt to ban something and have the effect of law.

    From your link:

    " Interpretative rules are “issued ... to advise the public of the agency’s construction of the statutes and rules which it administers," as compared to “legislative rules,” which have the “force and effect of law” and, thus, must be issued through notice-and-comment rulemaking."

    "Writing for the unanimous court, Justice Sonia Sotomayor noted that the formal notice-and-comment rulemaking provision of the APA does not apply to “interpretative rules, general statements of policy or rules of agency organization, procedure or practice.”"
  14. I'm sure it isn't any better. But if he wants to keep his job, it will have to avoid the very most obvious usurpation.
  15. Plus, 52 senators and several 100 congressman didn't tell the ATF to back off because congress critters love the rule of law. Hundreds of thousand of people told them what was expect of them to do, if they liked there job.

    52 senators is a lot. Maybe 6 or seven stand with the 2nd- Paul, Cruz, Johnson, Lee are the only ones at the tip of my fingers.
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    i can't argue what we did there was good maybe even great. what i'm saing is next time they try something there is no public comment. we do not have to be notified beforehand. Sure its easy to get our politicians to sign letters saying they don't want this done its another when it comes up to an actual vote to fix an issue thats already happened.

    We may have put a good push on but whats the media push gonna be like to combat our efforts next time. every station will be running psas about how green tip or insert other mystery item here is the worst thing since Bush was president.
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    To make that statement true, though, we will need to make sure that we do not become complacent right after victories. We must all stand ready with our own pens, phones, and keyboards, prepared to go into action on a moment's notice when our rights are threatened.
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    I don't know if anyone noticed, but the latest letter to Obama concerning the Iran nuke talks had over 360 congressional signatures from both sides of the aisle...... I believe even the Libs are seeing the writing on the wall, that the American people are fed up with the entirety of the direction this country is heading.
  19. That's 100% correct, because evil never rests. Personally I don't see us getting complacent any time soon. As the more and more people lean libertarian, especially the young, we have another strong ally in this who may not even be gun owner.

    Although the left is dying out, they still will try anything to implement ideas that have long been discarded by objective thinkers.
  20. This is not something to rejoice, it is something that we should fear. To me, this resignation only means one thing...making room for someone to step up who will be more effective in making policy changes. And not policy changes that would favor the right to bear arms, the total opposite.