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ATF just charged my account

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I just checked my bank account and there is a 30.00 fee marked ATF. Do they typically charge upon receipt of the application or do they charge after approval? I just sent my application in last Wednesday (9/16/09).
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they charge within a couple of days of receipt. my last suppressor (NFA branch, not license) cashed my check on the day after they received the application, got the stamp 150 days later! When i renew my C&R's i use a MO, that way i'm suprised!
Dang! I had gotten my hopes up that it would be some super fast turn around...
no, i said 2 different places....the C&R licensing is not the same as NFA taxing (silencers/machine guns, etc) i got my last one back in about 3 weeks. and that was a change of address and a renewal.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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