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  1. According to a memo from the ATF, it has decided to slow down the process of firearms transfers. They are scaling back the automated part of the system. Let's hope that this is temporary as they say and not just more dirty dealing by the current regime. If it lasts more that a few weeks, it is underhanded gun control to suppress the people.

    "Since January 2014, approximately 50% of firearms act applications have been submitted via'' the automated system, Richardson said in the memo. "This surge in demand has created the need to temporarily scale back ... submissions while the system is enhanced to handle greater capacity in the future."


    I've had enough years working as a system analyst/programmer, DBA and system software engineer to know that scaling back a system to expand it is abnormal and unnecessary. Will the gov ever learn that you can't fool all of the people all of the time. But then many of these gov workers get their power by deceitful methods & know nothing else.
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    That is the BATFE NFA Branch eForms system, has nothing to do with regular firearms purchasing. They are not scaling back anything in the eForms system, they are expanding it to handle a greater load. In order to do the expansion they have temporarily removed the Form 1, 3 and 4 eForm filings so that it can be enhanced and expanded. They have already done that expansion for Form 6,7 and 5300.10/5300.11 forms and brought them back online.

    I have accounts on both NICS and the NFA eForms system and can assure you that there has been no deliberate slowdown of processing on either. NICS is functioning as it always has, if not a bit better since the roll out of the electronic NICS check, and the eForms system was indeed overloaded and needed enhanced. The Form 1 and Form 4's I filed using the eForms filing system were processed and came back in under 90 days... as compared to prior Form 1 and Form 4 submissions via paper taking 11-15 months to come back.

    The biggest hit on the NFA eForms systems has been Form 3 ( dealer transfers ) and Form 4 ( Individual or Trust ) transfers since more States have allowed the possession and use of suppressors. This large increase coupled with the popularity of using the eForms system vs. paper filing, has resulted in an increase in its use that they did not think would occur. As word went out about the new system, Title II and Class 3 dealers jumped all over it; as well as individuals and trusts filing Form 1's. I saw the system go from fast processing to numerous maintenance down times due to load on it.

    Attached is the actual letter sent to all dealers and individuals who have accounts on the BATFE NFA eForms systems regarding it.


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  3. So they did slow down the process for getting suppressors right when everyone & brother wants to get one?

    They didn't expect there would be an increase in demand? With what is going on in the country, they are either out of touch or incompetent.
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    So what's more important to you now?
    A delay in the gun checks or in the suppressors check?
    Stop seeing conspiracies when there are none.
    Good post Flash, thanks.
  5. There should be no delay in either, if the gov is doing it's job. The people need both now.

    I didn't say it was a conspiracy, but it could be. There is no good reason that there is any slow down. The only 2 possible reasons are incompetent gov or they did it on purpose. Take your pick.
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    What comes to mind here is they are "enhancing" their data storage.
    Hopefully not! I know we have been building many new huge data centers
    for NSA and F'ed Govt. agencies in the last few years... any connection?
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    But the converse is also true :p

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  8. Two likely choices:
    A. Incompetent government workers.
    B. A planned slow down.

    I'm good with it being A.

    As for choice B, after we all found out what the IRS has been doing, I see not reason that the ATF wouldn't do the same thing.

    The ATF brought us-Fast & Furious, Ruby Ridge, losing full auto machine guns in Milwaukee and Waco TX. How can any reasonable person trust them? Doesn't matter if one chooses A or B. Both are examples of bad government that costs a lot of $.
  9. Well, if one uses the Obamacare website rollout as their "gold standard" of website programming, it's a wonder ATF's even loads.
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    In reading the link, it looks like they are trying to do what they can to get caught up. :confused:
    "Hiring more people, the system is being enhanced to handle greater capacity in the future."
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    When they designed and spec'd out the eForm system, many States had not yet allowed the use of suppressors for hunting and/or sporting purposes. Since that time they have and the word has spread that NFA items are legal for people to own. The eForms system is being enhanced to handle the load, but the paper form system is still available to use. Submitting by paper forms is taking slightly longer then it used to, the first paper forms I filed took 6-9 months, they are now taking 11-15 depending on what State you are filing from. Each State has its own examiner(s) assigned to it. I can tell you that the State of Texas has only 1 examiner assigned and is a large submitter of suppressor forms since suppressors have been made legal to hunt with.

    One of the biggest mysteries and much misunderstood thing in the firearms community was the fact that you can purchase and own machine guns, grenades, silencers, AOW's, SBR's, etc. etc.
    Couple that with the fact that most people did not know you could purchase NFA items using a Trust and demand was not near what it now is.
    The NFA also had no knowledge ahead of time that the States would pass laws allowing silencers for hunting.

    The ATF has a lot of issues, but in this case everything I have seen them do over the past 2 years in regards to streamlining the process of purchasing, transferring and/or building an NFA item has been positive. The last Form 1 I submitted electronically to build one of my SBR's took only 3 months ( 90 days ) from electronic filing to receipt of stamp.

    Honestly... if you haven't dealt with the NFA and understand how the entire process used to be handled vs. how the electronic system now works you really have nothing to accurately base your assumption that they are deliberately slowing things down. The NFA is a separate branch of the ATF and things are different then a simple NICS check.

  12. If they aren't slowing it down on purpose, it is then because of being incompetent. Anyone who is qualified to spec & design computer app system would have allow for seamless expansion of that system.

    Even if they are doing a better job than before, that has no bearing on the reason they slowed anything down.
  13. While hiring more people do you think they aren't processing the full payroll? Maybe not paying these new people until some date in the future? Maybe not paying some of the old employees until sometime in the future?

    Or do you think that the payroll system was designed and put together to handle an increase in the number of workers?

    Is the ATF's job to make sure that the workers get paid?

    If the new workers can get paid on time, they can process the other data.
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    You are certainly full of "If's" "maybes" and "what evers". None of which really mean anything. You keep changing your agenda. It started with deliberately slowing down the processing, to paying the workers? I know what is going on - The ATF deliberately closed the parking lot so the workers can't get to work. LMAO
  15. "In order to do the expansion they have temporarily removed the Form 1, 3 and 4 eForm filings so that it can be enhanced and expanded."

    No offense to you, but I call BS that they HAVE to do this. I have decades in Enterprise level IT, from desktop/software to server and data collection/warehousing.

    From banking, insurance, medical, never have I seen or heard of a submission process being restricted "because we are updating and enhancing it". It's just not done that way.

    Upgrades like this are implemented in a test environment parallel to the live system. Once it's passed SME (subject matter expert) approval and change management approvals (ok, I'll give you all that this is the government and that isn't likely part of their project), then the "traffic" is rerouted from the old system to the new system.

    There is no technical reason backing up their explanation.
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    No offense taken. Many of these articles are nothing but more scare tactics and are usually pure BS, or are information taken out of context. I don't trust any liberal News, anti gun agenda or blog, period.
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    I didn't think we could buy grenades. Maybe I should reconsider all the target practice, and night vision, triton sights, and flashlights for that dreaded night time break in. I can just toss one grenade down the stairs and clear out the area at once. ;)
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    @ Perotter and Stromm,

    With your extensive experience in private sector data processing software development and expertise on IT systems, please explain to the class the systems, front-end and back-end, that are involved in the BATFE NFA eFile submission and approval process. Be sure to list the differences in the process between using the paper submission process and the eFile system. Based upon the design of the eFile submission system, then provide the class with the feature in same that is impacting the Form 1, 3, and 4 submissions, the issue being experienced, and the corrective actions being taken by the BATFE.

    Be sure to show your work. ;)

    I'm all for not trusting any agency... but in this instance the BATFE is actually doing something right for a change in streamlining the submission and approval process. Heck, at $200 each they have a lot of incentive. :D

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    You could accomplish the same effect with a beehive round in your shotgun at a lot less cost. ;)

  20. How much you want to bet they hire the same clowns that did the Obamacare website? :eek: Any takers?

    On the other hand I work for a state government and can tell you that most problems with shoddy work is due to poor foresight or oversight on the part of the government. The vendor gets blamed but most problems are due to poorly written requirements or the people handling the procurement are in over their heads and refuse to admit it.