ati 995 for sale- SAVE THE 995 FUND

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by thekrnel, Nov 25, 2007.

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    i have an ati 995 for sale. realy clean. fresh paint on reciver cover and sight. come with a new bi-pod and a barrel shroud i made. i also have the original stock. i have only put 30 rounds down the barrel and the guy i bought it from put 120. when i got the gun i did a full break down and cleaning. i need money to put towards the down payment on my first house (i get to keep my c9 to protect the house). asking $200. i live in milwaukee. ftf is always good but i can ship to a ffl also. thanks guys!
  2. Thayldt21

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    Man I feel for your loss and Congrat on the house but sad as it is The house trumps the toy.

    I'd snap that up in a heart beat if I couild gt away with it. Good luck bro.

  3. Wow, sorry to hear that. I imagine that it will sell quick. I like the paint on the receiver. Looks snazzy.
  4. thekrnel

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    thank you for your condolances. i already had to sell my little .25 and had to fight my wife off to keep my c9. it will be all worth it to have a house. hope it sells quick!
  5. Sorry to hear you've got to get rid of it. Very nice looking 995 btw. If it were a different time, I'd pick this up fast! Good luck with the sale and with the new home.
  6. Fenix

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    *whimper* if only i had the cash I would snap that up in a second.
  7. Krnel, may I offer my condolences to you, as I know what you're going through.

    My wife and I were recently approved for a house, but I put my foot down and told her no, we will not buy this house as I will probably have orders out of here next year, and I don't want to buy a house and have to turn around and sell it 6 months later. Taurus knows what I am talking about, he didn't sell his house, he did rent it out though, good for him for sure.

    I am sorry you have to sell your 995 buddy, but we are rootin' for ya in your new home. Hey, just think of it this way. At least you get your man cave *read garage* that's all to yourself right?
  8. I know this is going toward a great cause but I can't help but ask how firm you are on the price?
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    yeah I was going to say.

    Let me join in with the countless people above in expressing an incredible desire to buy your gun but no practical means with which to afford it. I can ask a friend with a little more free cash than myself if he would be interested in it however. For $200 I would almost buy that myself even though it would mean I would starve. lol.

  11. true. forgive meeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    BTW- how many mags are included?
  12. thekrnel

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    thank you for all of your kind remarks in my time of loss.

    i do think it is priced to move. the shroud i made and am currently selling to others for $15, bi-pod is new from benny at the end of october (oct sale ;) $29. i put the ati stock on, $68. i paid $125 for the gun off gunbroker(not including $15 for shipping and $20 for transfer fee) so total about $250 to put the gun together from parts. and i put 30 rounds thru it. it's so crisp and so much fun to shoot! i'm just not trying to lose to much money on it.

    all i have is the one mag (which the spring was still tight on). i also used the 995 mag for my c9 the day i went to the range, so it has about an extra 100 or so round thru it.
  13. Kelotravolski

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    so you made the barrel shroud yourself? aren't you afraid of having your fingers that far down the gun past the barrel?
  14. I just wish there was a way for him to keep that sharp looking 995... But, I do admit I'd rather have a home to call my own than a closet full of guns.... Well, hoesntly, I'd rather have both, but sometimes it doesn't work out that way...

    Great price on that sharp 995 Krnel! Sharp looking weapon.
  15. Nice gun, great price.

    I almost wish that I needed (wanted) another 995 right now.. :)

    I would be more tempted by a 4095 right now but still, an awesome deal with all the accessories.
  16. Ari

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    This is not meant as a mean comment.. But the price of the carbine is going to make such little dent in the down payment that it is almost not work selling
  17. Uraijit

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  18. PM me your adress and if it is not to far of a drive i will buy your 995 asap for $200
  19. 69burbon

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    Good luck on the new house. With a little luck you may be able to get another carbine soon. I know that we are saving a lot of $ owning a home versus what we were paying in rent. I couldn't get close to what I have for space and such for the same money.
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    I hate to see someone sell something they worked hard on and enjoy just for some quick cash. What if everyone got together and sent in a couple bucks to help with the down payment and he could keep his gun. Kind of a early Christmas present from your friends on HPFF. If 100 people gave $2 we could cover the $200 and he could keep his 995. And someday down the road when he is able, he can Pay it Forward. : )

    Let me know where to send it and I'll chip in,