ATI 995

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  1. My 995. ATI stock, Barska 50MM Red Dot scope, Beretta tri-mount with the foregrip and Moerse barrel shroud.




  2. DLC

    DLC Member

    Nice! :D I like the tri-mount and foregrip look.

  3. Jettster

    Jettster Member

    Where'd you get the tri-mount and foregrip? I wanna!
  4. Are those reinforced toe socks? I picked up some similar at WalMart. LOL

    I really like the fore grip and shroud. I would like to see a halo/reflex type red dot on that carbine.
  5. Wow, 2 sets of toes for the price of 1!!!! What a deal!!!

    Sweet looking 995 dude, like that alot!