ATI FX45 Fatboy light weight

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    Finally got the FB to the range a*little bit ago.

    Fits in my hand quite nicely.
    The trigger is single action only, so it has a short pull/reset to it.
    Recoil is manageable, and is about on par with my XDs 9mm.
    Got quite a bit of brass back in my face at random intervals, which is a common complaint from what I've read.
    I put over 200 rounds through it and most of the loading problems I had were the hollow points I had left over from awhile back. I'd have to tap the slide forward slightly to get it into battery. Whether it was because they were 185 grain, or something else, I'm not sure. I haven't looked to see if there's a round count for proper break in or not, but most of my FTF problems I'll attribute to that.
    Had 1 FTE, and the spent casing somehow done a 180 and got caught as it was loading the next round. Ejected the magazine and the casing somehow got stuck in the magwell, but a light tap on the shooting table got it out easily.

    Take down is almost Glock easy, since it's bushingless. Just pull the slide back tot he takedown notch, push the slide stop out and take the slide off. Pull the recoil spring out, the plug, then push the barrel link down and push it out of the slide and you're done with disassembly.
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    And that's why you should never buy one of those piece of crap Hi-Points. Folks are constantly reporting problems like this. And with a brand new handgun too? Disgusting. Send it back to the factory and maybe they'll fix it for you.

    Oh wait. It's not a Hi-Point? Nevermind. It's supposed to do that.

  3. bscar

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    It's a short barreled 1911, not a full sized one. :p