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I put an ATI on my 995 4 days ago. I spent about 2 hours (and 2 cups of coffee) getting it right. I had to file out the holes in the stock (with a round file), slightly dremmel the cover behind the action so it would seat correctly and the screw would go in. Note: I didn't have to remove much material in either instance.
I wasn't happy the ATI kit was missing the 2) #6 , 1/2" screws required for the clip release and the cover. I understand others have had them missing, as well. I did buy some and still filed a 16th of an inch off because it was a bit too close to the clip when inserted.
I put 50 rounds through it the following day without a problem. My advice; Keep your original stock. Never know if it will need to go back to HP. Personally, I like the heft of the ATI compared to the original but, from this forum, I understand a new factory stock may be in the works. BTW, anyone know how the 995 comes back from HP IF you send it in with the ATI? Do they take the ATI off and put an original on and charge for it? Do they send the ATI back with it? Just curious...
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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