ATI Laser Velcro Comes Off

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    Anybody else had the Velcro come off the button for the laser? Not the piece that sticks to the stock, but the part on the button. I'm thinking JB Weld would probably hold it on there, but I just wanted to see if anybody else ever had this happen.

  2. Gorilla Glue!!! That stuff will stick water to a fire!!!! But I dont see why JB wouldnt work could be messy though

  3. Use some clear (or black) silicone. It holds very well, and can be easily sliced with a knife if you want to remove it later.

    I use clear silicone sealant for so many thingsthese days. A guy that works on car washes showed me how many different uses it can be used for
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    Thanks for the suggestions guys, I don't have any of either material mentioned, but I know where to get Guerrilla Glue so I think I'll snag some of that tomorrow after class.
  5. you can get the silicone at walmart, any auto store or any hardware store, possibly some grocery stores. its primary use is window caulking, but you want to get the pure silicone, not the white stuff

    I have the gorilla glue too, but remember, if you use it, its permanent
  6. Very good point. The clear silicone might be the beter way to go if you think you might ever have to change out the switch.
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    Mine is holding fast after 10 months
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    Well I wasn't actually gluing the switch to the carbine. The Velcro pad on the switch separated (the spiky piece of Velcro). The Gorilla Glue seems to have worked well to put the Velcro back on the switch. I'll let it sit overnight without the tape holding it together and see if it still stays.

    Thanks for the advice!
  9. I misunderstood your intentions, my bad :oops:
  10. I'm more interested in the background at the present. lol I see a ThermalTake full tower case all tricked out. A true modder. ;)

  11. Sweet! Your HD capacity is more than I have ever heard of WOW what a puter! Makes my old HP look like a horse and buggy LOL
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    hahaha thanks, I put quite a bit of money into that sucker, but she runs like a dream!
  13. You shouldn't have any problems playing games with that beast. How much did your electric bill go up when you plugged it in? ;)

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    Hahaha it does use up some power. 700w PSU is not messin around. And games do run nice and smooth. I can run Frontlines Fuel of War on highest graphic settings @ 60fps :D