ATI Omni Hybrid AR's

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    are these AR's good or not ?? ,keep reading about alot of issues with them over quality control issues like buffer tube threads stripping ,failure to cycle rounds ,loose fitting mags inside the mag well , no trigger break sensation or strange trigger feel and best of 3.5moa accuracy

    i went to my LGS today and looked at one and you could tell right away how poorly made these rifles are

    don't worry i'm not getting one just want to know why these are so popular even with the poor quality control they have
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    Price! These can be had for around 500.00. I think i'd rather pay a little more money and get a little better quality. AR's are finicky enough without throwing poor quality, fit and finish into the mix. My "Core 15 Scout" has great fit and finish and goes for the 650.00 to 750.00 range. Lifetime warranty "no questions asked", and great customer service. Sound like another manufacturer we know? :D

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    I went with the Stag, lifetime, no questions asked warranty. A little over $800 new. Used around $650? You would have to look hard to find a bad review anywhere on them.

    USMC_VET Supporting Member

    the reviews i'm seeing on the ATI Hybrids is not good that's why i'm looking at either a Delton 316MOE , Delton Evolution or the Colt M4 5.56
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    I have a New Frontier polymer lower with a CMMG .22 upper. Almost got a Windham Weaponery full polymer (lower & upper receiver). Ended up getting an Adams Arms gas piston (complete rifle) for about the same $$.

    You're kinda limited what you can get in California.
    Oops, handguns only!
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    Have the ATI omni , not hybid, no metal ring. About 1200 - 1300 rds though since november 2013. Shot at 6 degrees out for 45 min to hour. Hasnt cracked. Love the gun and would definitely buy another $600 ATI omni.

    I also no slow moe. I dont wait no 1 - 2 min between shot. I shoot for fun. As long as im hitting 10 ring at 100 yds, that will drop any one coming at me. I shoot probably 30 rd mag in 2 - 3 minutes. I get done shooting, I have to let barrel cool 10 - 15 minutes before putting in case.

    Its almost like the "cheap" hipoint haters, their will always be "cheap" omni haters.
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    That's for sure!!

    Look under the hood of any car made within the last 10 years, polymer is everywhere: valve covers, intake, radiator end caps. Heck, even my truck bed is polymer, not a liner, the whole thing, except for the steel outer panels!
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    I have an MP15 556 NATO I bought for $679. I'm happy with it. :)
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    This is reminscient of another thread... but to repeat myself, save up a little and try an M&P Sport.

    The suggestion is based on forum chatter, online reviews, and the guy I keep running into at the range. I saw him out there again with his Sport, all decked in Magpul furniture. It's an accurate little devil, iron sights 100 or 50 yards, no problem.

    Of course I had another great day with the 995TS. If I spent more time out there, I'd get a chronograph for curiosity's sake. I have three 9mm firearms, it'd be fun to compare velocities with all these new 9mm boxes I'm running through these guns.
    Useless tidbit: I got my Nano back from Beretta, it's running great... but the magazine catch is still very weak in left handed setup.
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    Well if some of you recall I purchased the ATI Omni with the Chiappa M4-22 upper about a month ago. That ran beautifully.

    About a week ago I borrowed a PSA upper from a friend of mine to see how it worked. It fit up well, no issues, nice and tight and everything functioned as its supposed to. Now I have the Gen 2 lower with the metal inserts (molded into the polymer) but as far as construction, its not a higher end one, but the craftsmanship isn't horrible. Could they have cleaned up some "rough" edges, sure, but all in all I am very happy with the purchase.

    I'm still looking for pieces for my upper (going to just build it) but I have zero concern that when its complete on slapping it on this lower.

    BTW I used some AR-Stoner magazines and those fit very nice and dropped without a hitch. Metal mags/Polymer lower... Little different from my AK with a metal upper and Polymer mags lol, but hey it works!!

    Like with anything not all rifles are meant for everyone. Some will not like certain ones and some will love them. I do read reviews to get a "general" idea if its worth the investment but I like trying things for myself, what may work for me may not work for someone else, but there is nothing wrong with that.

    If its something you want to try, try it, don't worry about what the guy shooting in the booth next to you may think. If it worked that way Hi-point would have been out of business years ago!!
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