ATI ShotForce Stock Question

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  1. Hey guys. I just ordered this stock from milsurpstuff, and I'm pleased with the product except for one thing, it's weight. It greatly reduced the weight of my mossy 500, but now it's just too light. The pistol-grip's hollowed out, and I was thinking of maybe filling it with something? Any ideas? Buddy of mine at work mentioned melting lead sinkers, pouring it into some type of mold, then stickin it in there...? Helppppp!
  2. Get the shellholder - 5 rounds of buck shot will add some weight. :wink:

  3. hey man :) I've got the the shell holder on the receiver already, with 6 rounds of buckshot :D . Any other ideas? Anyone?
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    You probably could fill the handle part of the way with JB Weld or some other hardening material and put some lead weights or heavy ball bearings in it. If you wanna try that, I'd recommend you evenly spread the weight through the handle, which may be somewhat hard to do. I haven't seen one so I don't know for sure, but if you just ram em in there and let it set it might feel unbalanced which, of course, isn't good.