ATI Stock and Moerse Lekker Barrel Shroud

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  1. ---SOLD---

    I would like to sell both of these at the same time, but will consider splitting them up if there are reasonable offers.

    $60 takes them both, shipped anywhere in the continental USA.

    The ATI stock is completely "stock" - no mods - only some minor dremeling to fit my 995's receiver like everyone has to do. I did also trim some of the molding seams along the bottom of the stock, they were sharp and uncomfortable to the hands, but you can't tell I've done anything! 8) Only approx 100 rounds were fired with the stock, so the rubber recoil buffer that goes behind the bolt in the ATI stock still looks great with zero wear.

    The barrel shroud is the ventilated version.
    This is how my gun looked while in the ATI stock:

    I can take pics if absolutely necessary, but honestly, these to parts look like they just came from the factory. Might as well be new condition.

    - Jon[/b]
  2. Somebody make me an offer on this!!

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    Got the stock and barrel shroud. They were well packed and both look new. Let the mods begin!
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