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ATI stock benefits?

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Besides the obvious cosmetic differences, are there any other tangible benefits gained from installing an ATI stock?
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How much do the ATI stocks usually set you back?
Not enough to normally be worried about... but considering the fact that I've purchased 5 rifles since June, accessories, and several thousand rounds of ammo (fired and stockpiled), my wife has become kind of prickly about any new purchases.
MINE'S ON THE WAY.. THE ERGO,S of the 995 stock are great but the feel is hoo key,, at best, the split design plastic is weak and flexy.. ie; ergonomically correct, but, for a kinesthetic, mushy. I think the one piece design is the best improvement.
I htink that factory stock is my biggest hangup.
A one piece design should be more stable.. I can easily see that benefit.
ATI stock and buttpad on the way, milsurpstuff.com really is the place to shop for these things. I really do hope that it doesn't have the "slappy" feeling the factory stock has.
Just went to the range two weeks ago. had five weapons to shoot, three new unfired , so I only put 30 rounds through my ATI'd 995, Totally obliterated my stick on bullseye at 25 yds from a sandbag rest.It definitely quiets the rifle down, my NAA minimag though not accurate put out more noise , flash even more than my 357 SAA clone from Cimarron.
I never even used the original stock on the 995, it just looked "cheap" and not safe. I'm sure it's safe, but I just went ahead and got the ATI stock instead.

Upon closer inspection the ATI stock is WAY thicker and has more alot more strength than the original and, like stated before, it's mostly 1 piece and can be modified easier. When I took the original off and put the 2 pieces back together I found I could actually flex the whole stock almost 180 degrees! On the other hand the ATI stock barely flexes at all, if any. The ATI material and molding process is superior to the original.

The only thing I do not like about the ATI stock is how wide the grip is. It's hard to get my right thumb against the clip release button sometimes, I usually have to use my left hand, and I have average finger length. I think they did this to accomadate left handed shooters, not sure.

I would honestly suggest this stock as the 1st upgrade for this firearm, then a compensator.
I too felt the OG stock looked and felt cheap. I like the sturdiness and weight of the glass filled nylon stocks offered by ATI. The look was secondary to me as ALL guns look cool and frightening. It is pretty cool though that my 995 now looks like the Beretta Storms used on Battle Star Galactica! :angel:
I wouldn't dream of giving someone a buttstroke with the factory stock. tage there. The Hi Point stock is just made out of too flimsy a material. If they made it out of something substantial, it would be different.
That's what the MN M44 is for
i shot my 995 with ati last weedend whoa what a differece you canget a whole magazine off rapid fire and stay on target much better it doesnt climb on you much!!!
With the ATI stock on, it kicks about like a 10-22.
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