Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but to the eyes of some beholders, the Hi Point carbine is the ugliest rifle ever made. Don't get me wrong, I owned an older legacy 995 carbine with the Planet of the Apes-style stock and it fired every time I pulled the trigger and hit what I aimed at regardless of those damned dirty apes. For those that want a stock with a little more style to it, there is always the ATI.

The Stock itself
The Advanced Technology (ATI) Hi-Point 9mm Carbine Stock is billed as being the only aftermarket replacement stock for the 995 carbine. Obviously modeled after the Beretta CX4 carbine, it features a Battlestar Galactica-style thumbhole design with a scratch-resistant, weatherproof, DuPont extreme-temperature, glass-reinforced polymer material. Most examples are black although I have seen a few in ACU camo.

ATI-modified 995 at top, Beretta CX4 at bottom. Talk about "brother from another mother!"

I have replaced one of these stocks and have helped two buddies with similar replacements and each has gone slightly differently. It seems the standard Hi-Point stock is a little more forgiving and pliable than the ATI replacement, which is in comparison, over-engineered. The install takes 30-45 minutes and you need a Phillips head screwdriver, 2 5/16" wrenches, a 3/32" Allen tool, and a 1/8" Allen tool (yaay, No metrics!)

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Each installation I have worked with required minor inletting, which is to be expected, and isn't a very big deal because the material is very easy to work with. The addition of 3/16" e-clips to hold in the receiver pins, which are around a dollar at your local Home Depot, are a good idea.

ATI's old installation video is still on YouTube and it's a good one. If you have Real Player, you may want to download a copy to your computer so you have it before it disappears.

Replacement and warranty

ATI guarantees the stock for a lifetime and Hi-Point guarantees the carbine for a lifetime, but there are some catches to that statement. The amount of custom fitting and the resulting issues when garage based bubba's went a little too far with the fitting process sometimes ended up in neither the stock nor the carbine working at the end of the process. When these ATI stocks first came out about 2008, Hi-Point would honor the warranty even if the ATI stock (or more correctly the bad owner fitting of the stock) was the problem. You would get your 995 back in the mail, but with a new factory HPF stock fitted. Recently there has been some rumor that Hi-Point is in 2012 making the ATI their sole exception to their famous 'no questions asked' warranty.

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Today the stock is discontinued by ATI and no mention of it can be found on their website. There are still out there with their end distributors supplies of these products still on the shelves and they run anywhere from $50-$75.

Just be careful when you fit it and you have the best of both worlds.