ATI stock & Leapers Tri-Rail Barrel mount for 9mm carbin

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  1. LoLo

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    I plan on purchasing a Leapers Deluxe Tri-Rail Barrel Mount and a ATI stock for a 9mm carbine. The barrel mount is 2 3/8" in Length. Just wondering if it will fit with the ATI stock. I plan on putting a light and fore grip on the barrel mount. Thanks for the help.

  2. The tri-mount for the beretta cx4 fits very well.......

    I dont know about the Leapers

  3. You should have enough room with the barrel mount, do u still have iron sights on or a compensator on? Im putting one on mine but i dont have my sights on. Im going to have a laser and light and handle attatched to mine.
  4. LoLo

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    I too plan on taking the iron sights off. Looking at the Leapers tactedge commando 6" cqb red/green scope from No compensator, but the #1 flash hider from Bushman98 might be a future purchase for me.