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    I have a brand new 995 (only about 150 rounds through it last weekend) and I am installing the ATI stock. I am almost done, but have a big issue with the plastic stock cover in the back. The gun operates fine without it in place, as soon as I put it in it binds up the action. I had to grind A LOT of plastic out of the stock to get the top cover on without binding.

    I have been grinding material out of the stock cover to try to get things loosed up but it is rough going. Any suggestions on a better way to fix it?

    I also forgot to put the laser cover on, but will deal with that after the functionality is there.
  2. Do you have any pics of the area you are talking about???? As far as the rear cover I had to move some meterial out of that area too. It was no big deal just hit it with some sandpaper.

    Where did you move A LOT of material from??? If you can get some pics that would help me see your thought better.

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    thanks, I'll get pics tonight. I had to drill and file the holes to even get the pins to line up, they are sort of oblong now. I removed almost 1/4 of material from each hole before the top cover would sit right.
  4. Yaeah that is about normal from what I have heard and seen.....

    The rear plate on mine and the one I did a write up on bith had to have some material removed. On mine it would hang the bolt to the rear and the only material I had to move was the lettering on the underside.

    It doesnt take much to hang up the action. I hit mine with some 300 or so grip sand paper and that did the trick.
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    Got it, after 45 minutes of sanding I decided that was too slow and not making enough difference and got out the dremel tool. 10 minutes later and a lot of melted plastic shavings and a minor plastic fume high it works!

    I then finished with a flat file to smooth things out.

    I'd post pics but it looks just like every other ATI stocked 995 with the factory red dot on it so not a whole lot of point:eek: