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  1. After reading through many of the threads on the 995 and the ATI stock. I am left a little apprehensive. Is the aftermarket stock any good? And does it cause problems with the 995?
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    There is the occasional mag release problem or slight fitment problem, but they are always a quick fix and add a lot of style to the 995 without spending alot of cash...I plan on getting one early next year...

  3. I had to take a round file to a bolt hole and I need to fine tune the mag release, but otherwise, its an easy setup. If you can disassemble a 10/22, then this'll be easy.

    Its also a more heavy, sturdy stock. The factory stock can actually be bent and twisted.

    Its a mind PITA but worth it in the end.
  4. I did it, I love it. And you can get a bunch of help here if needed.
  5. Thanks, think I'll go ahead and get one
  6. Its awesome!!! ATI up . I love it just for the fact it is sturdier and heavier, in case i have to club a BG.
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    One only needs to compare the oem stock to the ATI to realize the oem has enlongated front holes about 3/32" longer.Fairly easy to use the oem as a template and duplicate the front holes on the ATI. you can use a drill bit, , a dremel or in my case a proper sized round file.The mag release has to be set exactly and that is best done before you complete assembly, as you can look down into stock and adjust accordingly. Use a little locktite on the screw and it should hold that adjustment. Mine has thus far.