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    I see that alot of you guys got the ATI stocks, and i jsut wanted to know if they are easy to install. like for example, my ruger 10/22, all i have to do is drop the barrell and chamber into either stock and screw a few screws, is that how it is for the 995 and the stocks?

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    It may take a little bit of trimming here or there with a Dremel. It seems most people have to elongate the 2 receiver shroud screw holes some,it is a tight fit.Also do not tighten the shroud screws too tight as it can cause some binding of the bolt when trying to lock it back(at least it was with mine.)

    I guess because no 2 rifles are exactly the same in the machining process is why.

    Other than that there should be no problems.

  3. I was thinking about getting an ATI stock for my 995 and was wondering if somone could do a walk threw on how to install the new stock. If it's a pain in the rear then I wont do it. But I would like to.
  4. I've never done any thing with guns before, but I know what a screw driver is. It comes with directions that are so-so and there's 1298 people here that can answer questions too. If you've taken anything apart and put it back together, and can follow directions, have some common sense, and accept it's going to take a couple hours, you can do this no problem.

    My build is here.....
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    ati stock

    Well i just got mine in the mail today.It took 40 minutes while watching cops to put it on.I did have to dremel the holes for the front reciever bolts(just a little).The feel of the new stock is great,and looks cool too.I will post pics tomorrow,after i paint the reciever cover. :lol:
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    What are you using to paint your receiver cover?
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    Re: ati stock

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    Ok. I was curious. I agree. The finish on the receiver cover has never been a bright spot for me. Post a pic after you do it if you can. I'd like to see it.