ATI stuck bolt problem

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  1. Hey guys,

    This is my second ATI installation. Aside from the usual dremeling necessary to get the receiver bolts to line up, the first one went fine.

    Did the necessary filing on the second, bolts line up and thread properly. However, any time the rear receiver bolt is tightened, the bolt handle will only pull halfway, then stick.

    Take rear receiver bolt out: cocks just fine. Place the rear receiver bolt in: works just fine. Start threading a tiny bit of the receiver bolt: still works fine. As soon as I screw the rear receiver bolt into it's cap, even just enough so that the bolt and cap will stay together, the cocking handle locks up again halfway.

    I'm certainly not overtightening because the bolt head and the bolt cap head aren't even close to touching the sides of the receiver cover.

    I've tried removing a bit of the inside stock material. No-go.

    I've tried spreading the back edge of the receiver cover so it wouldn't pinch so tight. No-go.

    So, as long as I don't tighten the rear receiver bolt AT ALL, I can pull the charging handle back. But leaving it like that I can easily turn the rear receiver bolt with two fingers and the cap will fall off with any encouragement.

    Yeah, I know, it's the ATI stock's fault. Not gonna ship it back. But I'm also not putting it back into the factory stock. A man has his pride, after all.

    Hopefully this is just something dumb/easy that I'm overlooking.

    Help, please.


    PS I think a permanent thread on ATI stock install problems/solutions/experiences would be very helpful.
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    I had the same problem with mine. I did some grinding,sanding on the inside of the receiver shroud, the back top side of the bolt,and on the rear cover piece of the ATI stock. It seems to have worked,but I can't tighten the receiver bolts too tight or it will stick.

    You may have to do a little sanding then trial fit. It did take me an hour or so.

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    same exact problem here I just left the back bolt off and tightened the front extra tight
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    I was gonna say just shave the sides of the stock a little bit at a time until all is well...
  5. The tail insert behind the bolt cover *that small piece that screws down, kinda tongue and groove piece* needs to be shaved down on the tougue side until it fits into the rear groove of the stock without binding on the bolt. My ATI stock had the same problems when I installed it. I took a belt sander and some 80 grit paper to it and fixed it right up. I got it so that it wouldn't stick and finished the install. The next day I took it to the range and shot 300 rounds through it and all has been great since then. PM me for pics and/or details bridge, be happy to help.
  6. Mine was the same way, I used a Dremel. But, Primal's belt sander would be a lot quicker.
  7. Score one for Primal. Took the tail insert off and reassembled the weapon to see. That's definitely the problem. A little sanding should cure it. I'm sure sanding the inside of the stock helped free the bolt a little because the action on this rifle is a lot smoother than the last one.

    Thanks to all you guys for helping me out.

    BTW, spreading the rear of the receiver shroud a bit lets you really lock down the rear bolt without worrying about pinching too tight. I recommend it.

    Now that I've got that solved, I can't wait to start modding this baby.

    Thanks again!

  8. Let me know if you need those pics bridge, and I'll get them to you ASAP!
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    Hey Bridge,
    Glad Primals fix worked for you, and congrats on getting your mitts on another carbine!
  10. Here is the picture of the part that I had to sand. The reason that I had to sand that part is because when you install the bolt cover and tighten the bolts, it will bind on the bolt and interferes with movement. So, I sanded that part about the thickness of the bolt cover, cuz I had to push down on the bolt cover to install it, hence the binding of the bolt. If you need some clarity on the picture, I can edit it to show what I am talking about.


    The edge that I sanded is the lower edge, where the bolt cover seats.
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    ohhh I gotcha thanks a bunch