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New 995 owner looking for feedback from others with the ATI stock who have mounted a laser.

I picked up a new 995 at a gun show yesterday. The seller had two flavors: the plain jane base and the model which included the "compensator' and laser. I had been mooning over the CX4, but just couldn't justify the expense. I figured the Hi Point might provide just as much fun for quite a bit less $, so I picked up the base unit, and grabbed an ATI stock from another seller on my way out.

Spent some time with a rat-tail file on the front shroud holes, but finally managed to get it put together last night. I see that ATI offers a laser option, but it appears to require the front sight be trimmed or removed. I don't think I want to give up the irons to get the laser. Has anyone mounted the HiPoint laser kit on an ATI-equipped 995? Any pics? I'm wondering if the switch cable length is sufficient. If you use the ATI laser with the iron sights, how much "damage" did you have to do to the sight to clear the beam?

The best alternative is probably the Bushman extended top rail with flip up BUIC, in combination with the ATI laser. I just don't know if I want to invest that kind of money in what I intended to be an inexpensive plinker.

Any input?

One other question: My mag seems somewhat "loose" in the mag well (I've only put an unloaded mag in thus far). It does lock into position, but there seems to be a fair amount of side to side, and perhaps even some up and down, movement. It definitely rattles some. Normal? If not, any suggestions?

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