Atlanta Holding Confiscated Guns They are Required to Sell

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by TNTRAILERTRASH, Nov 11, 2015.

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    I think we should all get to pick a couple of laws that we aren't going to follow. It's what our "leaders" seem to do with little to no consequences. How can they choose which laws to abide by and enforce, but not others, without voiding all of them?

  2. Problem is that other than Breitbart you'll never hear about it. I think most people would be outraged at the excesses of our government, at both the Federal and state level, if they knew about it. But the media being what it is just ignores it and reports manufactured news like Michael Brown to distract people.
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    It's frustrating that they have to sell to dealers and importers, basically, they are getting pennies on the dollar, and then the dealers jack us up on the resale.

    What they need is a few pages on the gov't surplus auction pages, put the guns into groups of two or three of the same gun, and sell them just like every other surplus item.

    Technically...I don't think the gov't even has to do a NICS check, as they aren't an FFL, and seem to be above the law whenever they want to be, anyway...:cool:

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    It would be nice if the NRA was to get involved. Then everyone would know about it.

    BTW did you send some money to the NRAILA fund this month? I do $10 a month.