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    Took my Bond Arms Snake Slayer IV Derringer to the range today. I fired 5 rounds of 3" 000 buckshot, 5 ball.... and.... 15 rounds of 3" #4 birsdshot.

    Then,like an idiot, I fired 20 rounds of 38 special in the Cobra Big Bore derringer.

    My right hand feels REAL GOOD... like it's been NUKED :eek:

    Close in at about 7-10 yds the buckshot and birdshot kept a nice tight pattern and the little 38 is shooting center mass consistantly.
  2. LMAO!!!! That's funny Uncle Jerky, make sure you don't try to do anything useful with your hand in the next few days. It takes about that long to get out of traction! :wink:

  3. I can never stand to fire my 9mm derringer more than a couple times when I go to the range. Its a good BUG but a plinker it is not :shock: I have had mine since Dec and have only fired it a total of 10-15 times. I def feel your pain.
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    Next, I'll de-intensify things a bit and try 45 long colt and non-magnum shotgun ammo, 2.5" shells. I can get 3 ball buckshot in 2.5" as well as all sizes of birdshot also in 2.5" shells. P.S. The right hand is getting better today ,at least I can FEEL IT THERE ON THE END OF MY WRIST NOW!!
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    sounds like fun to me. Just think of it as an experiment to teach you how to use your weak hand for everyday things...