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  1. What kind of attachments do you guys have for your hand guns?

    Any particular one that you recommend per fit and function?

    I *just* got one for my c9comp... however, it doesn't fit!

    anyone know what will and/or what adapter I need?
  2. hpman

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    I think the only attachment that will fit on an hp is the one sold by hp.

    You can put the hp laser on or some have put flashlights. Search through the old threads and you'll be able to find the size flashlight you need. Seems like 3/4 or 1" diameter but that's just a guess from memory.

  3. perry23117

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    do they make a laser for the c9 i want one but theres no rail
  4. hpman

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    Sorry, no rail on the c9. Only the c9 comp has a rail. You need the rail to attach the hp laser.

    One option is to get a universal trigger guard laser but I've heard they tend to move after firing the weapon. May be something else out there but I haven't heard of anything.
  5. I wasn't clear - I was trying to fit a tactical light. I am pretty comfortable with the iron sights - no need for a laser here. Just light (e.g. home defense)