Attempted Break In

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  1. Posted this on our sister site, but as I'm not sure if everyone's over there yet, figured I'd post it here as well.

    Came home from work, front window is smashed, frame looks like it was forced, but thankfully whoever it was must have been scared off before they got in successfully; nothing was taken. Needless to say, I'm thankful for both my sake and the robber's that I wasn't home when it happened, but if it should happen again I realized I should probably get a dedicated home defense piece. Right now my G27 is my go-to bump gun, but I was thinking of getting a G22 with night sights, putting a light/laser on the rail, and keeping that as a dedicated house gun. Thoughts?
  2. go with a shotty if you can much easier to hit your target.

  3. Do you keep lights on at night in various parts of your apartment/house? I always have a light on in the kitchen so it lights up the living/dining rooms and one is on in the hallway as well. This way, if I do hear something, I always have enough light to aquire my target regardless of what weapon I am using.... Just a thought.
  4. I prefer a handgun for inside the home defense because its more compact and easier to maneuver with in the event I have to move. A shotgun with 18.5-20" barrel works very well provided you take a barricade stance in home defense. Trying to move around inside the home with a long gun and without backup is a bad move unless you are well trained in CQC.

    If I were to come home and find a similar situation my first option would be to make sure my family was out of harms way, call 911 and wait outside. Sounds wimpish but its very sound doctrine when you are operating alone and the bg has the advantage of being concealed somewhere inside your dark home.
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    A shot gun is also less likely to penetrate walls if you are using bird shot.

    We leave one of the kitchen lights on but other than that it is dark. We have a street lamp right outside our house so we do get light in the windows from that but it is pretty dim.
  6. I've always been very much a handgun person (.45 1911 since I was a teen and first lived alone). I'll only go to a rifle if the target is at a fair or longer distance. I do have a short pump 12 gauge but it is seldom loaded.

    To be honest, since buying the 995, (and given the fact that shotgun loads do not spread at close range) I keep it loaded and in the open safe to use if I feel my handgun is inadequate. And, before you remind and admonish me, there are no children here.
  7. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard this. Birdshot is likely to wound and not stop (killing is immaterial--I just want them to stop).

    If I'm going to shoot someone, I want a lethal outcome to be acceptable. Otherwise, I'll not draw. From what I've read, birdshot may leave a 'chemically enhanced' individual able to continue the course I felt needed to end.

    And yes--I said 'read' I've never had to shoot anyone, and I hope that remains the case. :wink:
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  9. I did some reading on it a while ago. I think it was the 'boxotruth' guys that did some shooting with it.

    I also read up on wounding from it. I was really surprised to find police reporting on BGs with large shallow wounds still functioning when the police arrive. I can't imagine a person continuing to attack after soaking up a load of birdshot (I don't believe I could) but the reports say sometimes they can. I'm afraid to take the chance.

    If you get different info, please relay it.
  10. Surprisingly, I have shot thin "barn" metal with 2 3/4 #4 medium brass loads and none of it penetrated the metal at 25 yds. It dimpled it really good, but not one pellet penetrated.

    If I am going to get into a HD gunfight, I am going to go with slugs and #00 buck and shoot to win, not use smaller pellets and pray that my fire has the effect I hope it will.

    OF COURSE I WILL BE SHOOTING TO STOP THE THREAT, NOT TO KILL. IF you say your intent was to kill a jury may go against you.
  11. There were a couple of shotgun shootings in the past I think up around Tulsa, one was a girl that got shot in the chest by her stepdad with a 12 gauge at close range and survived, and another one was a neighbor dispute where one guy shot another in the head with a 12 gauge with birdshot.

    The victim gave an interview on tv, and although he had 2 black eyes and his face was covered with pellet hits, he was alive to talk about it.
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    Who was that lawyer that Dick Chenny shot with bird shot.

    Any way Wasn't he old and already had heart probs????

    And didn't he live??

    I use 00"
  13. Bird shot it for birds. I should mention one of my roommates is rather wierd... I both have no place to leave a shotgun lying around where it's hidden and accessible, and no desire to do so anyway. The apartment is rather small, and if I could use a longgun for defense I'd just use my 4095. Unfortunately, anything with a 16" barrel is too unwieldly in my current situation.
  14. Mine is a Mossberg 500 pump with an 18.5 in barrel loaded with 6 rounds of 00buck. Thank you.
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    Personally, I prefer a carbine or pistol over the shotty. I find that shotguns have a pretty heavy recoil especially with slugs or heavy load. I don't believe in bird shot to stop an assailant just because I want to make darn sure they stop. In the event that I have to send more hollow pointed friends down the barrel, I want to be able to send that second shot out as quick as possible, again, recoil. Also the pump action takes a little longer, I prefer the speed of my booger hook to the speed of multiple muscles working together. Lastly, precision, I don't want to send a large pattern if my loyal dog is already on their rear. Don't want to hit the Dog, but am surly going to defend home, family, and loyal friend. Just my two cents.
  16. Yeah but if you want something that will stop an attacker with one shot, I think the shotgun is as close as you get to a guaranteed one shot stopper.

    With the right shot, all you have to do is hit the guy and he is full of holes, and if you are using 00 buck they are probably deep holes causing massive trauma

    Of course I personally saw a Ruger 10-44 .44 Mag carbine take a deer right off of its feet at about 50 yds.
  17. Yeh that bald guy on tv that was peppered in the head with birdshot looked nasty. At close range bird shot will put a serious wound in you but once the pattern starts to open up you got nothin. Then on that add possible multiple layers of clothing jeans, leather, nylon whatever and birdshot is useless. Although like stated above you shoot me with birdshot and I quit.
  18. In the best scenario any BG that gets hit will call it quits, but we know from watching the news that it doesnt always go that way.

    Personally I pray that I get the first shot off, and it does enough damage that the BG is unable to return fire. If he can, then there is a 50/50 chance that he will win instead of me.
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    From the average riot gun, standard buck shot spreads about 1" every yard. This translates to a 25" pattern at 25 yards or 75 feet. If you use the tactical buckshot, or a choked shotgun the spread is about half that. Also if your concerned with over penetration use #4 buckshot but be aware it may not be as effective on the perp. There is the universal language of a pump shotgun chambering a round that has dramatic psychological effect.
  20. the shot gun would be the first thing i would grab if some one was breaking into my house neighbors houses are to close, and id rather wound them so they cant get away then kill some one. Also something my girlfriend could easily use if some one came in. But if some one did break in i would probably grab the shotty and stuff the .45 into my shorts. you never know.