Attention Arizona Hi Point Owners.. I need your help...

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  1. i will be visiting family in phoenix and tucson this week, and i'm looking to purchase a hi point .40 s&w for my dad's 60th b-day, and i need "your eyes" or advice to located the best possible deal.

    my brother, who lives outside of phoenix is a total "glock man", and i'm hoping to show him that hi point makes a decent handgun. i'm hoping to have a good day at the range with the old man. any advice on who has them and price would be greatly appreciated. 8)

    fyi - i will be in az from 5/14-5/18.
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    I didn't think you could buy a handgun unless you were living in the state where you are purchasing it. (Private sales excluded) That is what happened to me when I went to a gun show while training in NM

  3. my brother and father both live in az. my brother and i are splitting the cost.
  4. I was told by the batf that private sales and not legal either if you live in a different state.
  5. thanks waltham,

    my father and brother, both live in arizona, and have valid arizona driver's license. i'm only contributing $$ with my brother (who will make the purchase) for my father's b day gift. i believe this is a legal thing to do. i'm asking for this forum help because my brother is a gun snob, and has know ideal about a hi point because "they are cheap", and i know he couldn't tell me if a hi point .40 s&w was overpriced or where to find them. so any leads would be very helpful.. thanks again.
  6. This is not only legal, there is a specific provision in Federal law that allows a parent to child (or child to parent) transfer. Last year I bought my son a pistol. I supplied the money, he supplied the AZ info and walked out the door with his pistol. :wink:
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    While I don't know THIS legal code quite well (considering that I've never faced it before), the best place I have found for Hi-Points is Arizona Firearms and Collectibles in Tempe, AZ. They're located just East of Preist Blvd. on University, on the South side of the road (across from the Korean convience store, not the Circle K). It looks like a dumpy little pawn shop, but when you go in there you'll find a very easygoing group of sellers with quite the compliment of firearms. For such a small store, they have a very good stock and usually can find you something if you're looking for a specific item. I've bought 3 guns from them, my little sister has bought many accessories and magazines from them, and her husband-to-be bought his Baretta from them. They're good people.
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    + 1 on that i know all too well about this place they are a great buch of guys i go almost every day there only because i work around the corner from them.
  9. thanks neothespian... i'll call them and see what they have..
  10. Have a great trip... Good luck with your shopping... Happy Birthday to your father...

    Obliviously he imparted some of his wisdom to you so that you recognized the great value in Hi-Point firearms.
  11. thanks broomhead sr.. my father made some major sacrifices for us, and only until i became a father, i was able to understand the choices he made. :eek: :)


    that was a good lead.. "we keep hi points in stocks because everybody seems to like them." the .40 s&w was priced at 179.00, and they are located about 2 miles from my brother's job. fyi - we made a conference call, and my brother could not believe the price and warranty for a nib .40 cal. "i might have to get me one." i may have convinced another non believer about hi point's products..... looking forward to the three us shooting together as a family!! 8) 8)
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    i bought a 40 from them. great bunch of people there, they dont have the typical "snotty" gun store attitude. i paid 179 for mine about a month ago, so the price hasnt changed. i think i paid 25 bucks for 100 rds of independence ammo from them.
  13. just got in from the sunny world of arizona.. my brother and i bought a hi point jcp .40 for my dad's 60th bday.. sean at arizona firearms and collectibles was very helpful and threw in a hard case instead of the "pizza box" hi points come with.. my brother also bought a c9 (189.00) that came with a hi point hard case, and hi point knife, which was my finder's fee... i was impressive with their overall selections of firearms and accessories...

    friday we celebrated, and saturday we spent the entire morning shooting. my dad was all smiles, and my brother couldn't believe "how accurate this cheap thing is." guess who is going to add a 45 to his collection, yep little bro now is a "closet hi point man."

    my dad was generous enough to allow me to shoot his b day gift, and i shot 20 rounds and was amazed. big and bulky, but i hit the target with no problems. we used the ghost sights, and i really like the feel of this larger caliber. i'm adding this one to my "things to get list."

    thanks to everyone who pointed me to the right place...
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    Told ya they're good people. Now, one of these days I'm going to get the cash to buy my Taurus Mod. 66 .357 back from those guys that I used as trade for my 995 and C9....