ATTN: NC Folks- Gun Show in Raleigh Nov17-18

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  1. All you fellow forumers out there who hail from North Carolina,
    The Dixie Gun and Knife Show is back at the State Fairgrounds in Raleigh.
    It's running November 17-18. I'm not sure as of yet what time they open the doors but if it's like the others, doors will probably open at 9am.
    I'm planning on being there if all goes according to plan.
  2. I might be able to talk the wife into it. We'll see. Hope I can make it.

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    There's also a Gun Show at the Lewis and Clark County Montana Fair Grounds the 16th - 18th. :D
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    Dang! I'm glad you posted that. I was just looking to see when there was a show coming up, and the best I could find was a C&E show Dec 1-2 at the Crown Expo Center in Fayetteville.
    I'll sure as taxes be there this weekend.
  5. Yeah, I've actually never been to the Raleigh show. I go to the Shows in the spring and summer in Greensboro every year and I try to make it to the Fayetteville show whenever its around. I hear the Raleigh is usually a pretty good one.
    Worst show around lately is the ones they have in Lexington. Used to be a great one but it's under new management and the last time I went, the "blow chunks" meter was very high. Along with the prices.
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    I've been to the last 2 shows in Raleigh, and they weren't bad. You'll find some deals, and some scams. Some nice folks, and some snobs... the basics. I only bother with the Raleigh show because I'm about 5 minutes away from the fairgrounds. I'm a PA resident, so I can't purchase, so it's not worth it to drive too far when I can't take advantage of a deal if it comes up.
    Too bad there's not a free outdoor public range right there, or I'd suggest all us Raleigh area folk get together for a small group shoot.

    I'll probably be there Saturday, maybe around noon... I'll know tomorrow.
    If you see this shirt, and a camo HP hat... it's most likely me(not me in the picture)
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    I like that shirt!
  8. OK, How many of you NC folks went to the gun show today? I didn't make it due to some unforseen difficulty, but I'm considering trying to make it tomorrow. I just wondered if its worth the 45 min. drive over there. It's been a long week and today wasn't a very good day. If I go to the show, it better be pretty dang good.
    So someone give me a field report.
  9. Sister in law is here...i cant make it :-( But this group shoot sounds good to me, maybe sometime in december?
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    Went to the show at the fairgrounds yesterday.
    Was about what I expected, but I saw maybe a dozen HP carbines, and all over priced($270ish for a 995 was the highest I saw)
    I managed to score 1000 rds of WOLF 7.62X39 for $175, and got 20 rds of Aguila minis with mixed buck for the girlfriend to try out.
    Saw a bunch of different AK variants starting at around mid $300s, and some SKSissisis :D from around $200 and up.
    If you have a 45 min drive on top of the $8 entry, I guess it depends on if you have something better to do, but there is an antique show in the next building(not sure if they charge) and there's also a flea market every weekend. With my last $9, I got 2 ammo cans at the flea market.
  11. Sounds like a pretty decent weekend to me. Wish I could have made it. Ohwell.
  12. we made it yesterday and we had a good time.

    I went with my son in law, his father and my other daughter's boyfriend.

    No major purchases for me but, my son in law will be getting an Enfield for Christmas (his father bought it for him) he doesn't know it yet but, the Enfield is already in the safe!

    That will be his 4th WW2 rifle, he already has a Garand M1, a Mosin Nagant and a Mauser K98 that his grandpa brought it back from Europe, at the end of the war.

    His father got a Beretta .32, and I got a holster and some ammo.

    All told, a good day at the show!
  13. Nice, that's a lucky guy right there.
  14. Well, Unfortunately, I didn't make it down today. I actually wasn't feelingv very well and spent to day inside the house watching the SWAT team shows on A&E.
    But there's another show in Fayetteville at the Crown Expo Center on December 1-2 and I'm going to do my best to be there.
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    No excuses or hiding from that Fayetteville show Taurus :wink: seems like there are gonna be a few necks in your woods :D