ATTN PA Residents- Time to contact your lawmakers is now

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  1. Pennsylvania House Bill 1845 has quietly passed out of the Appropriations Committee this past week with scheduled action on this bill for Monday, March 17th. HB1845 provides for enhanced penalties for possession of a firearm with altered manufacturer's (serial) number as well as increased penalties for altering or obliterating marks of identification on firearms. The original bill is not controversial but what has happened is that a package of amendments (filed late Wednesday the 12th) are pending that need YOUR attention.

    Two of these amendments are pro-gun and ones we NEED TO SUPPORT. The first is Rep. Cappelli’s bill – HB 641 – the Castle Doctrine that has been bottled up in the Judiciary Committee and the Amendment ID# is ‘A05131’. Please ask legislators to support this one! The second Pro-Gun amendment is Rep. Stevenson’s – HB 1029 – this amendment will allow holders of a valid CCW / PA License to Carry a Firearm to bypass (is an exception to) the PA Instant Check when purchasing a firearm and the Amendment ID# is ‘A05706’. Please ask legislators to support this one TOO!

    There is an amendment filed by Rep Levdansky that threatens our rights and that is amendment – A06178, which is part of the Philadelphia Legislators anti-gun agenda. This legislation ‘requires’ under penalty of law the MANDATORY REPORTING of lost or stolen guns within 72 hours and criminal penalties with graded offenses. In addition it imposes numerous duties on FFL dealers and employees, with financial and legal responsibility, to provide copies of the warning on lending & loaning firearms AND to fully explain these firearm laws to their customers. (Pa has lost over 9,000 FFL dealers since the mid 1990’s and this amendment will surely chase and/or harass even more FFL’s out of business) Please ask legislators to OPPOSE this amendment A06178!