Awsome frickin guns!

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  1. Took my 2 new guns along with a few of my other guns to the range today. Put 200 rounds through the 45 and about 100 through the C9.
    The 45 may be the best shooting gun I own now. I'm not kidding.

    My wife and I walked in to the range and fired our carrys guns mine: Taurus Pro111 and my wifes: Taurus ultralite 38 snub, a Colt 380, a S & W 9mm, A Rossi 38, a S & W 38 snub and the 2 new Hi-points. My wife and I both agree the 45 is frickin awsome! 3 inch or better groupings and every shot went right where I wanted it. It's a heavy gun but very little kick at all. People were stopping and looking over to see what we were shooting. They couldn't believe they were Hi-points. The owner of the range said we were lucky and got 2 out of the 25% good guns Hi-point makes. I ask if she ever shot one, she said no. I ask her where she got her info she said she just heard they didn't make very good guns.

    I'm not really happy with the clip in the C9. A few times it didn't want to grab the first round. I read somewhere (think on the forum) that others had the same problem and did something to fix it. After the first 2 clips I just smacked the clip on the counter like an old war move M-16 clip when a guy smacked it on his helmit a couple times and I didn't have a problem after that.

    Here's a pic on the new additions to the family in case someone missed them in my other post :)

  2. Y'know, you guys are convincing me to buy one...

    I've always thought the Hi-Point pistols were too large and heavy, but the way you guys talk them up I'm just going to have to buy one. My .45s have always been my favorite pistols, so I am now actively in the market for one (but I'll try any of them I find a deal on). I've got to find out for myself why you guys like these so much.

  3. Here a pic of the wife holding the 45 shooting at Bin Laden. Had to pry it from her hands so I could shoot it.

  4. NDS since you already have .45's why not try out the Hi Point .40 JCP for something different? I know I really like mine and shoot more accurately with it than I do my .45 JHP
  5. Actually, I'm watching for a 4095 and a .40 pistol to go with it would make a lot of sense. It just means adding another caliber to buy ammo for. :lol:
  6. I think you would be really happy with both weapons. And the ammo is not really that much more than 9mm if you look around and buy in bulk
  7. Great Range report frickinnuts... Good to hear you had a good experience.

    Gotta love the smile on your wife's face too. That's when you know they are having a good time.
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    hi point .45's are sweet shooters, everyone looks at me in disbelief when they here me (a life long gun nut) tell them that my JHP is one of the most accurate handguns ive shot and that ive never had a malfunction of any kind.

    and people that hate on hi points for being top heavy have never fired one under rapid fire... for a .45 i would say there is a huge lack of felt recoil making follow up shots easy and controlable
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    my three favorite things ....................Harleys, guns, and pretty girls !!!!!!
  10. The wife says better check your glasses before you go shooting again :)
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    Thats the common misconception with people today. They believe cheap price = cheap product. Not true with the Hi-Points.
  12. Exactly, tis madness :shock:
  13. Could it be that the cheap price reflects a companies respect for the product they produce and the customers who buy them. I see more expensive guns being made with imported parts and labor there for reducing costs yet they sell for much more. American made guns for American shooters, doesn't get any better than that!!! Now if other American companies would get on board, we would all be further ahead. Kudo's to Hi point for not selling out and not jumping on the blown up profit margin bandwagon!!!!!
  14. Tell the wife there's nothing wrong with our eyes. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I have to agree with the others she's a pretty lady no doubt about it!!!
  15. Love her grin, wish the wife had that much fun when we go shooting. :D