AZ Hi-Point Shoot today:

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    I did a poll, of all the member's who brought their Hi-Points, and had 3 problems: One, was my new C9, which failed to feed on the last round in one box of 50 rounds. Hp4lyfe had issues that he attributed to his shooting style, and Neo had the new magazine dinger, that when used with the LULA loader, made that a nonissue with his 995. How many rounds did we shoot? I am not quite sure, but I had one box each of .45acp for my JHP (zero issues) and 9mm for the C9. I am sure the others will chime in when they get time.
  2. base871

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    shot 250 rds through the jcp 40. wwb, win sxz, independece, and ultramax reloads that turned my 40 into a black powder pistol! no hiccups. about 400 rds total through it with 0 problems. im guessing with all the high points there (7 0r 8 weapons?) we might have shot, say, 800rds? plus the mosins, ak's sks's, feg's, oh, and the ever reliable raven 25 and cobra 380.

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    I did 200 rounds of 9mm and not ONE issue with my C9! Fed anything that was thrown at it and was about as reliable as I can shoot! The 995 had some new magazines, but once I tried a speed loader, it surprisingly made all the difference and it went away!

    I love these things!

    The shoot was AMAZING, and I think we all agree that this is going to be a regular thing.
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    i shot magtec and wwb for the c9 and the 40 no problem with the c9 around 160 rounds no problem and a round 100 in the 40 plus this being the first time i have shot the 40 so i had some problems, but i quickly realized it was just human error on my part. so hopfully next time i can work on that.