B-17 flight

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    No, I am not on board, but dayem! I wish I was!!!


    I have had the opportunity to go on the "Sentimental Journey" out at Falcon field some years ago with my nephhews...but going on one? IN FLIGHT? .....

    As it is, there IS a B-25 Mitchel there at Falcon field, and its open for guest rides!!!

    I am SERIOUSLY thinking of doing that, damn the expense....
  2. You have to love those old flying machine. The nastalgia id great.

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    If you ever get a chance to go on something like that....do it!!!
    A few years ago at the EAA fly in I took a ride in a B-17, it was expensive :shock: , but every time I think about it the same huge grin reappears.
  4. Lucky dog, I have seen a B17 fly in person, and have been drawn to them since I read about them as a kid.

    I would give a left testicle for a flight on one!
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    Thank god I wasnt married at the time. 750 for 1/2 an hour flight. but worth every penny.
  6. IF I had the money I would have payed it too. The only thing that could have been better was a ride in a Mustang that has been converted into a 2 seater
  7. I was able to tour through two bombers a few years ago when we lived in Fla. The next day I saw both planes on their flights. It was an awesome sight. Could not even imagine what hundreds in the sky looked like.

    The only thing better than a ride on one would be taking a ride on one and getting to fire a few bursts from the waist guns.
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    The Mustang woulda been cool, but I have always stuck with the P-40 Warhawk: first one to fight the Japs in China in the AVG. That, and the OD paint and those sharks teeth all 3 squadrons painted on them...awesome.

    The B-17, in all models, has been my favorite bomber of WW2. I dunno, but seeing them in the history books, reading about the missions, it took up a part in my heart. And to actually go inside one? wow....all I can say is wow.... I sure would love to fly in one, or even that Mitchel, or both!
    Thank god I am single, and can afford such extravagances...
    But WHEN I do, trust me: I will DEF take video of it!
  9. Some day I want to do this too.... maybe we should pool our resources and rent the plane for the day????

    I'd love to do a P-51 or similar. There's a place near us that rents flights in WWII fighters around Christmas time. My real dream is to pretend I'm some punk reporter and get a ride on an F-18 or similar. I'd die a happy man after that!
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    If you guys want to see all the classic bird you want... head up to the EAA Fly in at the end of August. Just walking around the planes gives me goose bumps :D
  11. Muskogee OK has a pretty good air show for such a small town, they took a few years off but have started back up this year.

    I didnt go, (spent the money on ammo) but years back that is where I saw the B-17 They had it on static display but had it roped off, then it ran a low level "bomb run" complete with explosions on the ground under it. Pretty cool.

    I have seen a P 40 in person, and I love them too, but they just dont have the performance that the Mustang does

    Elguapo, I have a book titled Ding Hao, Americas Air War in China 1937-1945 that was written by a P40 Flying Tiger pilot from China, Thayne Short ,

    It was printed in 1980, and it is the number 1 copy of 3000 books, complete with autographs and a hand written card about Short written by I think the books co-author.

    The typos of the book were fixed by cut out strips of paper with the right words glued over the typos. Really interesting book with a lot of info on the Flying Tigers.

    I have thought about selling it a few times over the years, but always talk myself out of it.

    Yeah Newskate I love how reporters and celebs can get rides in F18 and us taxpayers just get to watch
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    I'm in an aviation program at my school, and the class does volunteer work at the local airport all the time, and one time a B-17 came over the weekend, and me and my two buddies went and helped out, and we got to ride around on it, and me and my buddy even got to stay on board for the actual guest flights and help, we were tour guides, lol(we both knew a lot about old WW11 planes)
  13. I have been inside all the old WW2 bombers and fighters at one time or another while working or attending air shows over the years, but never had the chance to fly in one. Would love to take a ride in one of the old bombers, that would be so awesome!

  14. I could spend the rest of my life browsing through those old warbirds. And the old tanks of course

    Got to see a flying MIG 15 one year at the air show. Not too many of those around.

    Usually the Muskogee Air Show has the Thunderbirds, but this year they had the Navy Blue Angels for the first time.

    Now I wish I had gone.
  15. My very first ride in an airplane was as a CAP cadet at Maxwell AFB in 1957. 13 years old and barely 100 pounds, got to ride in a T-38 jet trainer. Could barely carry the parachute to the plane. Could have carried 2 afterward. What a thrill. My second ride was in a C-47 transport that took us home. That was a great airplane and was instrumental in the WWII effort. Southern Airways bought surplus C-47's and started offering air service around the south eastern states and flew them from 1948- the early 70's. Not one accident in those 20+ years with the DC-3 (C-47).
  16. $350 is the going rate around here for a half hour ride in one. Now the Mustang is a different story, I think it's like $2500 or so.

    If you want to see these and a whole lot more it's the first weekend in June every year.

  17. Bump so you old aircraft guys could see the pics, I have many
  18. Top 2 pics are of a Lancaster right? I dont think there are that many of them still flyable Then the B25 Mitchell
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    Yep: Lancasters. Next 3 are B-25 Mitchel. Next, IIRC is a Kate, the one after that, a Val, and finally a B-17G (can tell by the chin turret)
  20. The "Val" is actually an AT-6 trainer "made up" to look like a "Val" I suspect. (AFAIK there are no flying Japanese planes left from the war, but I may be wrong.) The one above the "Val" is an AT-6. There are a fair number of them still flying. With their radial engine and long greenhouse canopy, they often "stand in" for Japanese planes in the movies.

    Funny story. Misty and I used to "hang out" in a "Nurses" chat room on AOL. One of the fellows in the room's screen name was AT-6. I asked him one day if he flew the AT. He told me that he had during the war, before he moved on to flying the P-51, but the war ended before he got into combat. He later flew the P-51 in a ground support role in Korea IIRC. He was sort of "upset" that I knew what the AT-6 meant. He didn't want the girls to know how old he was. :wink: He swore me to secrecy. He was a funny old goat, and a notorious flirt. I suspect the girls knew he was a lot older than (most of them) were but didn't care one bit. We've lost track of him over the years. I hope he's well, and still flirting with the nurses. :lol: