B-2 crashes on Guam

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    Guam crash for B-2 stealth bomber


    A US B-2 stealth bomber - one of the world's most expensive military aircraft - has crashed on the Pacific island of Guam.
    The jet crashed shortly after taking off from the island's Andersen Air Force Base, but both pilots ejected and survived, the US Air Force (USAF) said.

    Black smoke could be seen billowing from the site, witnesses said.

    B-2 bombers cost $1.2bn each to build. They are capable of deploying both conventional and nuclear weapons.

    Crowds gathered as emergency vehicles attended the scene after the crash, which happened around 1045 local time (0045 GMT).

    Both pilots had been medically evaluated and were "in good condition", the USAF said.

    A board of officers will investigate the causes of the incident.

    A brief USAF statement did not provide details of the bomber's mission in Guam, a US territory 6,000 km (3,700 miles) south-west of Hawaii.

    The USAF has 21 B-2 bombers based at Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri, but several have been rotated through Guam since 2004.

    The craft have been used for missions in Afghanistan, Iraq and Kosovo.

    Able to fly 6,000 nautical miles (11,100 kilometres) without refuelling, the B-2 can evade most radar signals making it difficult for defensive systems to detect, track and attack.
  2. 1.2 BILLION and it crashes?

    I've seen these things and they're scary.

  3. Well hell, I am IN the USAF and I haven't even HEARD about this yet...

    If it's mechanical, IT WILL FAIL! Murphy's law and all....
  4. Losing one of those babies sucks..... cost and all. One wonders how all those redundant systems could fail. Thank God the pilots made it out alive.
  5. "wow lots of turbulance today...SH$% I SPILLED MY BEER, hold me pretzels... OH CRAP!" That's how I imagine it went.
  6. :lol: :lol: Man, are YOU asking for it!
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    One has to remember that the $1.2 billion is for a complete deployed system, not just the aircraft itself. A system is all of the support and everything to make the thing fly. The aircraft was lost, but the support is still available. It still was an expensive crash but not the entire $1.2 billion.
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    Geez, the government can't fix the joke of a health care system we have in this country, but we got the money to have 20 of these aircrat, at a total production cost of 1.2bil each! Just gotta ask sometimes.., what the hell is wrong with our administration?

    Middle class families are dealing with terrible health issues as they can't afford the insurance, the poor have programs, the rich have the money, the middle class get squeezed. Yet we spend a total production cost of 1.2bil on one freakin airplane.

    It's just nuts. Our presidential canidates spend so much money on their campaigns yet they'd probably get more attention if they took some of their campaign money and GAVE IT BACK to the communities to help sponser much needed programs.

    I saw today on the news that "BILLary CLinton" in the month of Jan spent 1 million dollars a day on her campaign. Obama raised something to the tune of 36 million. All that money to say VOTE FOR ME :roll:
  10. I can imagine that the crew are going to get screwed no matter what they determine the cause to be.

    Having the fact that you were at the wheel when a billion dollar aircraft crashed cant look good in your file when it comes up time for promotion :shock:
  11. ... ya know........ if we shutdown the entire military, nationalized all oil companies so they wouldn't need profit, and then nationalized the Dow 30, cause they don't need profits either...... we'd have enough money to fix everything. While we're at it, we can nationalize all health care companies too so we don't have to pay for them either. It's all so simple, isn't it?
  12. Newskate, sarcasm doesn't become you :lol:
  13. AWWW I was just kidding Newskate, actually you are pretty good at it ;)
  14. Ugh... at least the pilots are ok. Losing that bomber's gonna hurt though... the AF is already critically underfunded (according to them, anyway... scaling back the F-22 program would get them the funds they need, but that's for another thread). I don't see a replacement plane on the horizon.